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Cisco CCIE Routing & Switching LAB Exam Training and Dumps

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SPOTO CCIE Routing and Switching V5.0 LAB Study Plan:


CCIE R&S Lab v5.0 service duration is from the date you purchase to Feb 23, 2020 (if you bought before Sept 23, 2019, service duration is 5 months)

Finish Cisco CCIE Routing & Switching Lab online training within 12 weeks is okay if you practice SPOTO Lab materials 3 hours per day. SPOTO tutors and services will help you during the whole preparation. We will provide workbooks, solutions, and tutorial videos in every module. You can watch videos first, and practice materials.
Phase 1: Two weeks to practice H2 CFG
Phase 2: Two weeks to practice TS1
Phase 3: Two weeks to practice CFG H1, H1
Phase 4: Five days to practice all incidents of TS2
Phase 5: Two days to practice DIAG
Phase 6: One week to practice CFG H2+
Phase 7: You can access to H3 CFG+, TS2 new faults after you compete phase1 to phase6
Phase 8: Two weeks to review
Phase9: We will provide a DIAG VCE test 10 days before your Lab exam

SPOTO CCIE Routing and Switching V5.0 LAB Training Video

SPOTO CCIE Routing and Switching V5.0 LAB Ts Demo:

Q1:Layer 2(2 point)

PC101 should successfully access Server 1 behind SW1.

PC101 cannot access R7/R8, fix the problem so that PC101 can ping R7.

  vlan 12
interface e1/0
  switch access vlan 100
router ospf 65100
  no passive-interface vlan12Q1:Layer 2(2 point)

SPOTO CCIE Routing and Switching V5.0 LAB DIAG Demo:


Customer just setup an IPv6 Network, with HSRPv6 on R1 & R2.

After setting up, all hosts lose connection.

What would you recommend to your L1 Engineer as a Quick Fix?

CE1 key configuration
   standby 1 priority 200
   standby 1 preempt
   ipv6 nd router-preference low

CE2 key configuration
    standby 1 preempt
    ipv6 nd router-preference high

CE1 HSRP priority is 200, Active

CE2 HSRP priority is 100, Standby

the host had the default route FE80::666.

Customer just setup an lPv6 Network, with HSRPv6 onR1 & R2.

After setting up, all hosts lose connection.

Q1: What would you recommend to your L1 Engineer as a Quick Fix?

Q2: What is the root cause of the problem caused by the current? Which Device

Q3: Choose the first frame id that demonstrates your doubt

SPOTO CCIE Routing and Switching V5.0 LAB CFG Demo:

Section 1 Layer 2 Technologies

Section 1.1: LAN Access

The following requirements were pre-configured.

   - VTP is turned off in all switches.
   - All required VLAN, including access-ports configuration in all relevant switches are provisioned.
   - All required SVI interfaces in all relevant switches (including IP address and subnet mask) are provisioned.
   - Configure the network in all sites as per the following requirements:

Access-ports must immediately transition to the forwarding state upon link up, as long as they do not receive a BPDU. Use the minimal number of commands per switch to enable this feature.
If an access-port receives a BPDU, it must automatically shutdown. Use the minimal number of commands per switch to enable this feature.
Ports that were shutdown must attempt to automatically recover after 10 minutes.
None of the switches may generate a TC when any of access ports goes down.

Section 1.2: LAN Distribution

   - Configure the headquarters’ network, as well as the large and medium office networks as per the following requirements:
   - All trunks must always use dot1Q encapsulation.
   - Negotiation of trunking protocol must be disabled in all switches.
   - Distribution switches (SW300, SW301, SW400, SW401, SW500, SW501) must initiate etherchannel negotiation using LACP.
   - Access switches (SW310, SW410, SW510) must never initiate etherchannel negotiation.
   - Configure layer 2 etherchannels’ number as shown in the “Diagram 1: Main topology” and “Diagram 5: Layer 2 Connections” (that is, use only Po1 and/or Po2).
   - Ensure that all ports included in etherchannels are effectively in use and bundled in the expected channel.
   - Access switches must see similar output as shown below:

Section 1.3: LAN Resiliency: Spanning-Tree


Section 1.4: WAN Switching Technologies


1. What is the future of CCIE R&S?
CCIE Routing & Switching has been the base of the Networking domain ever since. A CCIE success helps in the expertise of a candidate in configuring, validation and troubleshooting along with overall networking fundamentals and hands-on. A two-hour written exam that follows an 8-hour performance-based lab is undertaken. A CCIE in R&S may opt for System Integrator, Network Engineer, Network Consultants, System Engineer among many others.
The future of CCIE R&S is very bright and with advancement in tech the roles and responsibilities have been ever increasing.

2. What's SPOTO lab service package?
Our lab package includes
workbook and solution, all materials is the same as exam, you will face it come from our materials when you take the exam.
we provide the IOU to practice, IOU include IOS、init configuration and so on.
If you have any problem or difficulty during the practice, our tutor will help you to solve it through teamview.
we provide tutorial videoes that explains workbook and solution, it also shows you how to config one section by one section.

3.How to distribute study materials?
CCIE R&S LAB materials include
TS :TS1 and TS2
CFG:H1& H1+ CFG、H2 &H2+ CFG、H3 CFG
The following will be sent to your email no later than 8 hours after verification of your payment.
Software and setup instructions
Materials including Workbook, Solutions, and Instruction Video. (except H3 CFG, TS2 new faults)
Study Plan
We will provide a mock exam after you have completed all materials except H3 CFG & TS2 new faults, if you passed, you can book the lab exam date and start practicing H3 CFG & TS2 new faults on the remote server.
We reserve the right to terminate all the services in case we learned you have been sharing our materials with others. Thank you for your understanding.

CCIE R&S Lab v5.0 service duration is from the date you purchase to Feb 23, 2020 (if you bought before Sept 23, 2019, service duration is 5 months)

4. What are the precautions of using study materials?
You can practice labs  (except H3 CFG&TS2 new faults) on your laptop, and only one device can register, we will help you install setup your device.
All materials(workbook and solution files) of H3 CFG and TS2(new faults) will only be on a remote server, we don't provide any download for H3 CFG.
We will offer 160 hours for H3 CFG to practice on our remote servers.
We will offer 40 hours for TS2(new faults) to practice on our remote servers.
We only provide our materials to one of your hardware devices. This is done by the software (Locklizard and EV Player) we provide you to read our proprietary materials. If the tech spec (such as memory capacity) of your device changes, you may not be able to open the files we sent you.

5. What happens if the exam becomes unstable?
We make sure you will receive updated information and materials as soon as we learned any changes to the exam. In case we learned any major changes happened during your service period, your remaining service period will be calculated from the date we learned the exam becomes stable again.

6. How to pass your CCIE LAB exam with SPOTO?

CCIE R&S Lab Exam 

  • Exam Duration: Eight Hours
  • Exam Module: Troubleshooting (TS), Diagnostic (DIAG), Configuration (CFG)


CCIE RS Lab Exam v5.0 Updating Timetable


How to Pass Your CCIE R&S Lab Exam at First Try?

You can pass CCIE Routing and Switching Lab exam at first try based on a solid foundation of Routing and Switching technology, and complete understanding of Lab exam topics and exam skills.

If you don’t have enough time to prepare or you still need to improve your skill. SPOTO will be a not bad place for you to support you fully prepare & pass your exam at first try. SPOTO specialize in Cisco certification training since 2003. For CCIE Lab candidates, we offer valid & accurate CCIE Lab topology, workbooks, solutions, mock exams, tutorial videos to fully prepare the exam, moreover, tutors will support you along your preparation. You can 100% pass CCIE RS Lab exam at first try as long as you practice all SPOTO materials and pass all module tests and final mock exam.


How Can 1651+ Members Get CCIE Certification with SPOTO?

According to SPOTO Big Data, 1651+ CCIE members get CCIE certification with SPOTO support until August 8, 2019. 

SPOTO Secret of Helping Candidates Pass at First Attempt 

  •  100% Cover Exam Topology & Workbooks & Solutions
  •  Simulated Real Exam Lab Environment
  • Module Tests & Mock Exam
  • Tutors 7/24 Online Support


SPOTO CCIE R&S Lab Exam Material Includes Three Modules: TS, DIAG and CFG

  •  TS:     TS1、TS2
  •  CFG : H1 & H1+、H2 & H2+ CFG、H3 CFG
  •  DIAG:DIAG 1~DIAG 8(8 sets)

Pass is the result of cooperation between your effort and our support. What we want is your whole attention, as for others, we will support you during your preparation. You are wanted! Join SPOTO, be our next CCIE members

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