• HUAWEI HCIE RS LAB Exam Training and Dumps

HUAWEI HCIE RS LAB Exam Training and Dumps

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HCIE R&S LAB V3.0 Exam Study Plan:

Our standard service period is 3 months.

if you can spend 3-4 hours on lab practice per day, you can take the exam after 2 months.
we provide 3 months service time, you can follow your time to practice, it is flexible.

SPOTO Materials 100% Cover Real Exam
After long-term testing, SPOTO achieves its Lab materials accurate rate up to 100% cover exam. Our materials are highly recommended by SPOTO VIP members and candidates from 133 countries

96.8% First-Attempt Pass Rate
SPOTO helped over 1632 members get their HCIE or CCIE certification until 22nd August 2019, first attempt pass-rate over 96.8%, which is far higher than other vendors. According to statics show that average one candidate needs to take 2-3 times exam to get their HCIE certification, whereas you can pass at first try if you pass SPOTO all sections & mock tests

Save Time and Money
Candidates need spending about 1.8 years to prepare & pass Lab exam, whereas if you take three hours per day to practice SPOTO materials, you can pass your lab exam in 8 weeks. If you prepare your lab 2 to 3 times to pass, you need pay exam fee at least $2400 to $3600, however, if you prepare with SPOTO, just pay $1200 to pass.

1. What's SPOTO lab service package
our lab package includes:
1.workbook and solution, all materials are the same as the exam, you will face it come from our material when you take the exam.
2.we provide the ENSP to practice, ENSP include IOS、init configuration and so on.
3. If you have any problem or difficulty during the practice, our tutor will help you to solve it through teamview.
4.we provide tutorial video that explains workbook and solution, it also shows you how to config one section by one section.  

2. How long is my service period?

Our standard service period is 3 months.

3. How can we send the study materials so you?
The followings will be sent to your email no later than 8 hours after verification of your payment.
   -  Software and setup instructions
   -  Materials including Workbook, Solutions
   -  Study Plan
We reserve the rights to terminate all the services in case we learned you have been sharing our materials with others. Thank you for your understanding.
We delivered materials  stage by stage
   -  stage 1: CFG(LAB1)
   -  stage 2: CFG(LAB2)
we delivered stage 2 materials after you complete stage 1.

4.how to open workbook and solution?
All of the workbook and solution are encrypted documents,it only allow one pc to open it. We will send a guide to tell you how to open the workbook and solution.
it supports windows operating system and Mac operating system

5. What happens if the exam becomes unstable?
We make sure you will receive updated information and materials as soon as we learned any changes to the exam. In case we learned any major changes happened during your service period, your remaining service period will be calculated from the date we learned the exam becomes stable again.

6. Can a third party see your customers' information from your website?

No, they cannot. Our system is fully secured, and we do not share any information with third partied.

HCIE R&S LAB V3.0 Exam Info:

Prerequisite: Pass HCIE RS Written H12-261 Exam
HCIE R&S LAB V3.0 Exam only includes CFG model. You will face one of them when you take the exam.

How to Pass Your HCIE R&S Lab Exam at First Try?

You can pass CCIE Routing and Switching Lab exam at first try based on a solid foundation of Routing and Switching technology, and complete understanding of Lab exam topics and exam skills.

If you don’t have enough time to prepare or you still need to improve your skill. SPOTO will be a not bad place for you to support you fully prepare & pass your exam at first try. SPOTO specializes in Cisco and Huawei certification training since 2003.

For CCIE Lab candidates, we offer valid & accurate CCIE Lab topology, workbooks, solutions, mock exams, tutorial videos to fully prepare the exam, moreover, tutors will support you along with your preparation. You can 100% pass CCIE RS Lab exam at first try as long as you practice all SPOTO materials and pass all module tests and final mock exam.

What can I get after purchasing SPOTO HCIE RS LAB training and dumps?

After Purchase, we will offer all the materials that you need to prepare & pass your exam. HCIE Lab Exam Workbooks & Solutions same as the real exam, they are verified by experts and HCIE candidates.
Tutorial Videos with a complete guide on basic concepts, principles and resolving the idea of how to configure the lab.
Final Mock Exam verifies your ability to master all module knowledge and pass HCIE Lab exam.

Word-Class Tutors Technical Support you along with your preparation. You can get online technical support on service group or by TeamViewers, the remote assistance software.
Free Update of Lab materials, if there is any big change of exam during your Lab service duration, we will get materials ready and prolong your service until it’s enough to pass. If you fail the exam at first try, we also offer a free update.

SPOTO HCIE R&S Lab Exam Material Includes 1 Modules:  CFG

   - HCIE R&S Lab exam consists of one module: CFG
   - SPOTO HCIE R&S Lab Exam materials: CFG LAB1, CFG LAB2
   - CFG Study Materials: Workbooks, Solutions, Videos, ENSP

   - CFG module consists of two parts, LAB1, LAB2, and each part suggest practice duration is 4 weeks, total 8 weeks.
   - we provide the ENSP to practice, ENSP include IOS、init configuration and so on.

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