Interviewed more than 30 candidates who passed the CCIE RS lab, I came up with the 8 tips of passing the CCIE RS lab exam

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Once you figure out why you want to become a CCIE and established this commitment, we need to figure out how to do it. Through my own personal experience, this article covers some practical aspects, in order to achieve that goal. Such as learning and time management.

The talent of success is to start. I want you to go ahead and stay ahead. So let's get started. Start now.

Become CCIE and no shortcuts, but you can certainly make your learning more focused, to reduce learning time. Before performing any other operations, please put everyone involved in your time, your spouse, friends, family, bosses and so on. Let them know that you will be engaged in the work. You need to support them all the time because you would for a long time to learn. You may want to skip some social activities.

1. Estimate your expertise or determine SPOTO the range

Training partners to determine SPOTO the use of all necessary topics CCIE rs lab. In my case, I used SPOTO.

Copy the CCIE RSv5 expansion blueprint to an Excel spreadsheet, and then begin to assess the skills of all current topics. It takes a while to resolve, but in the long term is worth it.

You should keep track of the answers to these questions in the list of all the topics.

Do I know the basic principles and the expected behavior of this topic?
I can configure it to do?
I can fix it?
What are all the different options for configuring and destroy the same topic is?
In assessing their skills on their own very honest. If you fail to answer any of these questions, then you should understand that you still need to do some work to solve it.

I have always believed that if I can not explain to someone, I do not know. It's that simple.

At the beginning and throughout the CCIE journey, an accurate assessment of your current skills.

2. Estimate your efforts

You should plan your daily and weekly study time. Preparation before the lab exam passed, it will need 600-1000 hours of laboratory time overall. Prepare a schedule, you want to schedule work, live and study in accordance with the time schedule, and stick to. Time management will help you. You should learn to track routs Porto and daily tasks every day. To-do lists plans to use the program, use the calendar and so on. Using the method that suits you best.

Remember, forget something velocity is proportional to the number of learned information. Tracking what you have learned and when it needs to be modified, this will solve memory problems.

Track your progress, to comply with the schedule and manage time wisely.

3. re-read notes

Create your own set of notes or repeat learning methods. Such as Evernote, Onenote, flashcards and other ... use something that suits you best.

I am by topic created a lot of Evernote, and continue to add points in these notes. These personalized annotations quickly revised my entire CCIE journey in the course of great help to me. You may spend more time doing today on custom note notes and make easy to understand, but trust me, it will make your future better.

Repeat, repeat and repeat until your skills to become like a sharp ax.

4. CCIE RS Written

Once completed the entire course of the work, we should prepare for the written test and should eliminate it first. The written test is not difficult, but there are some tricky exam questions, so it may make you feel surprised. Many people get to learn the written test, and then learning lab exam, but I'm learning at the same time as the written test and laboratory. Believe it or not, but this is the best strategy.

Written also has its meaning, so do not use any written exam dumps.


After the written test is complete, you should actually through hands-on exercises to target the lab exam.

Use training partners workbook, there are many. Find the best, stick to it, do not jump from one supplier to another during their studies. I used SPOTO.

From now on, 95% of the time spent on laboratories, laboratories and more laboratories. Only when you are in trouble, you should return it to read or watch some videos.

If you use SPOTO as your training partner, save their full-scale simulation and laboratory workbooks in the last two months. Before SPOTO with advanced technology laboratory workbook that contains miniature laboratory for a particular topic, or carries out any large-scale simulation lab trying, place it in your muscle memory.

From now on, we have been working.

6. Create a process for each technology is. Always follow this procedure when configuring the technology

Once the technology on the "whole" picture, iterate through the initial steps in list 1 and to ensure the proposed process for each project or technology. From now start using these process steps to make any configuration or troubleshooting lab.

Always follow your process from beginning to end, you will get a consistent troubleshooting time! Continue to follow the process that you created, and accurately speed.

Since then, I've been typing all the commands in Notepad. The notepad + process is an absolute triumph.

I made all the steps.

7. chunk of time out of practice

By this time, your fingertips and muscle memory and command SPOTO should already have all the basic core concepts. During the LAB exam you do not have time, so the speed is very important. CCIE RS exam is lengthy and difficult. Personally, I think the exam is a "typing test."

The last 3-4 weeks before the lab should spend about 10-12 hours a day laboratories. This may sound crazy, but remember, before you try the laboratory, you need to make sure everything is muscle memory. During the experiment, you'll find a lot of cases, there is no time to think about / discover something, and the clock ticking again, so be prepared to get the best results.

Remember, in addition to fast, you must be as accurate as of the "surgeon."

8. You have not failed but delayed success.

If even after strenuous efforts also failed, please do not be discouraged, frustrated and give up, but to find their own shortcomings. Consider can take more effective measures to avoid failure. You should also be prepared for the fact that: If you fail, there will be more high-quality study and practice.

There are a lot of people claim that it can not be completed, they took four attempts to pass the lab. Remember, they are only three times before they do not fully prepare. Study hard and train yourself and try to do it.

Failed only chance to start again, this time more wisely.

I hope you have enjoyed this article, and benefit from it! If you want to quickly pass the exam, you can contact directly SPOTO. You now know how to organize study time, and how the learning process should look. "Get ready, I wish you good luck."

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