5 reasons why Azure is better than AWS?

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You would save money if you’re utilizing the Microsoft technology. If you wish to supply terabytes of space, but you only want to pay for what you use (in a VM), then you are more likely to save money. If you only want a VM, then you'd save money and all this money could be saved if you buy Azure. Azure offers some extra properties which make it better than AWS and is believed to be about 4-12% cheaper than AWS. Also, any of the certifications, you choose, if you wish to have good results, you should enroll yourself in the prep courses offered at SPOTO Club.

Below mentioned are some reasons why you should choose Azure over AWS.
PaaS Capabilities:
Both Azure and AWS are believed to be similar in offering PaaS capabilities for virtual networking, storage, and machines. However, Azure gives stronger and faster PaaS capabilities which nowadays is a more important part of Cloud infrastructure. Microsoft Azure PaaS provides application developers with the environment, tools, thus giving them building blocks which they need to build and establish new cloud services quickly. It also provides essential ‘dev ops’ connections which are important for managing, monitoring, and continuously fine-tuning those apps. With Azure PaaS, much of the management of the infrastructure is taken care of behind the scenes by Microsoft. Thus, you have a 100% focus on innovation if you develop Azure PasS solutions.
Integrated Environment:
Azure would be now bringing an integrated environment for testing to the array, developing, and deploying cloud apps. The client would be having the choice of frameworks, and open development languages would be promoting the flexibility for Azure migration, whereas AWS is widely perceived as being complicated.
Security Offerings:
The new design of Azure would be based on SDL (Security Development Lifecycle) which is an industry’s major assurance process. It contains security at its base and private data and all the services stay protected and protected while they are on Azure Cloud. The first cloud vendor was Microsoft which was approved by the European Union’s data protection authorities and the Working party of Article 29. They also were the first to willingly accept the new international standard for cloud privacy, ISO 27018. And so, Microsoft is considered the best in terms of safety for all operations and data on the Azure Cloud.

Developer Tools:
Azure and AWS have a slightly different approach when it comes to developer tools. Only based on the processes and tools that are used by Amazon's own internal engineering teams, the AWS suite of Developer Tools mainly focuses on supporting DevOps. The tools include CodeCommit, which is used to stores code in private Git repositories; CodeDeploy, which automates code deployments; and CodePipeline for a Continuous Delivery. In addition to this, AWS also offers a (CLI) Command Line Interface for controlling AWS services and writing automation scripts. Amazon also offers one non-DevOps tool – IDC, there are currently 13 billion connected "things," a number that will likely skyrocket to 30 billion by 2020, generating $1.7 trillion in revenue.
The 'Enterprise Agreement' Advantage:
If an organization uses Microsoft software, then it surely has an ‘Enterprise Agreement’ with Microsoft. It is titled to receive discounts on the Microsoft software being used as Microsoft normally squeeze these agreements to lower the pricing of Azure. Thus, with the enterprise agreement, enterprises could be typically obtaining significant incentives for using Azure. Choosing the right cloud vendor is a very essential and important decision for enterprises. Azure offers a hybrid solution, PaaS, and many other beneficial features, which are very important for any Cloud strategy today.
Hence, now you would be knowing about the benefits of Azure over AWS and you would be willing to achieve it, thus if you wish to it, you should check out the courses, which are being offered at the SPOTO Club.

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