Amazing New TS3+++ of CCIE Service Provider Lab Show in Tokyo

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Although Cisco exams faced a big change in 2020, there will be some updating on the CCIE Lab exam. We are proud to say that we can get all the materials ready timely and help you fully prepare CCIE Lab exam.

I wanna share my pass report with you.

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New TS3+++ Show on Tokyo

CCIE Service Provider Lab exam TS module with a new TS, only one question’s preconfigure the same as before, other all change, even the sequence.

The topology pic same as TS, New TS question sequence is different with TS3, TS3+, TS3++, thus we called it TS3+++.

Even though faced new TS, I did answer correctly 8 of 11. Thanks for tutor support, when I finished all lab materials practice, tutor assist me review again, or I might fail the exam. Actually I was a little bit nervous when I found it’s different with what I practice before, after few mins, I take deep breath and look into the exam and found out that it not difficult as I thought, and tutor guide come to my mind, thus I did it

2. ospf up
4. isis frr need add spf xxx and command should be “high tag 10”
5. multipath up
6. telnet do as tutor guide
7. finish qos, can trace
8. muticast up
9. I did not check bfd, I suppose that it works
10. 12vpn up
11. nat64 up

As for DIAG there is a new question,and I solved it with diag2 solution.
Thanks for SPOTO support! I passed the CCIE Lab exam at first try.

SPOTO CCIE Service Provider Lab Study Plan

Choose SPOTO CCIE SP Lab study materials, we can help you finish CCIE Service Provider Lab online training within 56 days. If you practice CCIE SP Lab materials 3 hours per day. Tutors and services will assist you along with the whole preparation. Every module we do provide workbooks, solutions, and tutorial videos. You can watch videos firstly and practice lab materials later.

    Step 1:17 days to practice Configuration module(CFG1)and 5 days to review all sections.
   Step 2:17 days to practice Configuration module(CFG2)and 5 days to review all sections.
   Step 3:  10 days to practice Troubleshooting module (TS1 TS2 TS3 TS4)
   Step 4:  3 days to practice Diagnostic module (DIAG1, DIAG1+)
   Step 5:9 days to review all tasks.

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