How can I know I am ready to take CCIE Lab Exam?

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One of the most common problems seen on social media is how long it takes to learn the certification exam. The answer is not as simple as you expect.

In fact, no one can know how long you need to be certified for that exam. Everyone is different. Some people learn very quickly, and some people are very slow. Some people need a lot of hands-on experience, and some people need to read a book to master it. Some people have never seen a router, some have managed for decades of networking. Some have a number of responsibilities (schools, spouses, children, work), and some have no responsibility at all. Some people can continue to focus on a few hours of study, while others need to look at it at a fraction of the cost.

 As a result, you may take only less than 10 minutes to learn the exam and may take more than a year. I guess you undefined be in the middle.

The set-to-person cut-off date may cause you to be over-prepared or underprepared. For example, if someone says you should complete within three months, then you may have to apply pressure to yourself before you understand ready to try it. On the other hand, if you feel ready for a month, you may want to know which details have been lost, leading to unnecessary delays.

So how do you know when to get ready? That undefined the purpose of the practice exam, such as the SPOTO undefined mock exam. You should take part in each structured exam just as you are in a real exam. After you take part in the exercise test, learn all the explanations, even if you answer the right questions. Knowing why the correct answer is correct and why the wrong answer is wrong. If you have any weaknesses, use the learning guide and the link undefined reference to consolidate your knowledge.

 Keep in mind that, only when you first see a batch of questions, the practice test can accurately assess your ability. When you see a number of questions at a time, you undefined start to remember the answer, which can be an artificial improvement in your exam results when you undefined in the practice exam for the second time. Therefore, do not take the test over and over again until 100% of the results are obtained. The most important thing is to understand the concept, not to remember the problem.

When you go to the last structured exercise test, you should do better than the first structured exercise test, especially if you have learned these explanations. Your progress should make you full of confidence to solve the real problem.

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