My CCIE SP 400-201 Written and Lab Pass Experience

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Since I started working in the ISP's customer service department, CCIE has always been my dream. Learn to make the "Internet of Things" reality of a deeper level of technology always fascinated me.


Before starting the CCIE study, I started working in the ISP call centers. That's an interesting start. In the call center, I did CCNA RS, then entered the NOC department. Things get even more interesting. Routers, switches and data centers as well as all the small stuff in front of me.

The desire for the network getting stronger, then I did CCNP RS. I work in a multi-vendor environment. We ran Huawei and Cisco devices in the network core. By that time, CCIE not even appear, because I'm gaining experience.

After 10 years of work experience, I decided to start thinking about CCIE. I must tell the truth, even years later, I am still skeptical about joining the CCIE. I think this is because almost no reason CCIE, so the dialogue is very scarce. So basically, you will talk with non-CCIE CCIE, and imagine the results of these dialogues.

written examination

Therefore, I choose to participate in the CCIE Service Provider track. Since I have met many BGP, OSPF, and MPLS, so I do not need to bother.
In preparation for the written test, I looked SPOTO learning materials.7 days later I attended the written test, the final score up to 912.

Lab and practice

Now that I'm serious about LAB, I decided to upgrade my laptop's RAM. My laptop is a Core i5,20Gb RAM and 256 SSD. This setting is enough for me to run the eve-ng Simulator and easily complete the workbook.

I have set the read four hours a day everyday target. CCIE and endurance-related. You will learn, study and study until you become Cisco walking encyclopedia. CCIE is such that it requires you to spend a lot of time. I removed the social media applications from the phone, so I can concentrate on the experiment. On weekends, I'll do eight hours, four hours. In the morning, 16:00. I basically no social life. Sometimes because of the lab, I'll leave work at 1:00. I was the only place to learn freely without interference.

Practice lab study materials is the only way you can pass the CCIE lab exam. There is no other way. You have to move your finger across the keyboard. I have been following SPOTO study plan, in accordance with the requirements of SPOTO teacher to practice CCIE SP LAB study materials.

Now is the tricky part. CCIE now consists of three parts, is no longer a part of the configuration. So that means for Section 1 (troubleshooting), you must understand the underlying technology, otherwise it is impossible to not know the contents of troubleshooting! Correct? These issues are also ambiguous (Cisco NDA). The question as router 1 router can not ping loopback 10. Therefore, you do not know what kind of technology has been damaged, and there are many in front of the router, you must identify the problems and resolve them.

The second part of the diagnosis tricky. Here, Cisco will provide you with a lot of output and show the email chain of command. If you know what you're doing, then this part is easy. You just find and verify the answers provided by the output.

Section III is a big problem. Configuration section. In the examination (taking into account Cisco NDA), the problem is also very vague, you have to think about. They force you to consider solutions.


Test day of the last 15 days, I was reading all the articles of Cisco. I even work at home are doing the experiment, this is simply crazy!
But I was not nervous because I learned all SPOTO CCIE SP LAB learning materials, and adopted three SPOTO mock exams, the teachers have been told I have an important exam tips

To the exam day, I arrived early for one hour. I sat in CiscoexaminationOutside the office. Several guys came, we start to chat with. They only have one ISP seat, so I was the only person SP. The day most people attending the meeting are routing and switching personnel. The tense atmosphere is not a sad mood, but it is not a happy mood. Everyone stood there like zombies. Crazy times.

resting Service staff collected from all basic information and then took us into the exam room. We all have a seat, the clock starts ticking. At the end of the first section, I try to solve all the problems. After Diagnostics came, IAlso solved I'm very confident of their answers. Configuration in part and I finished it, Examination of title and SPOTO to 90 percent of us exercise the same.

After five hours I received an email, I passed the CCIE SP LAB exam.

The first attempt of the CCIE case by little. But I still did it, thanks SPOTO teacher's help. Once you have it, it's a great feeling. By challenging the exam is to get your brain shuts down reading mode. I spent two weeks time to return to normal social circle, looked movies and TV shows.

It was a struggle, but worth a war. For any suggestions/indicators in the lab service provider may need, you can contact me,

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