CCIE Security vs CISSP:which one is better

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CCIE Security and CISSP certification area unit quite totally different from one another. One is provided by the Cisco Systems and other by (ISC)2. They are entirely different, from each other in terms of skill set, knowledge areas, and effort. CISSP, you would be able to do it in about 2 to 4 months if you are totally dedicated and have proper resources and knowledge. For enhancing your results, you could opt for the courses offered by the SPOTO.

CCIE Security consists of two exams, CCIE Security Written Exam, and CCIE Security Lab Exam, and clearing both of them will give you the credential of CCIE Security. It would be 6 to 10 months for the same criteria as above, well lots of people are there who did it in less time, but they have opted for 24 x 7 boot camps for lots of months. If you also want to gain such boot camps, SPOTO would be the best one and reliable too.

Exam Preparation:

If you decide to go for CCIE Security, you would have to gain the proper knowledge by watching videos, reading book, re-watching videos and later you should take a full practice test, then when you have to knowledge about your weak areas you should read the book (Shon Harris) and again re-watch those videos, then another practice test and it goes on and on.

Also visiting CCIE Security Forums or CISSP Forums would assist you out by providing you the answers to your difficulties that you're facing whereas commencing the communication. You should thus visit a lot of forums, read on related topics and fill the holes that you have in your knowledge, and it would be preferable to have a networking ITSec background.

You would be required to join and gain an IT security group of professionals, It would take about 6 months, but it was part-time (evenings/weekends), and I did a few in that time frame. Since curriculum overlaps it would also offer you lots that you would have to figure it out later. I would say that if you want to take any of these certifications with little extra effort, with minimum efforts, the courses offered by SPOTO for both CCIE Security Written and Lab Exam.

CCIE Security is taken into account to be a particular category certification that is obtainable by the personal company Cisco and by alternative corporations beneath license to Cisco's customary. It is recognized as a completely informal and is predicated alone on the name of Cisco inside the trade.

From the viewpoint of the employer, CISSP would be considered that better because it has quite a much stronger basis for trust. The bottom line for any certification is whether or not the company could trust that a person holding that certification would really have the knowledge what they are doing, and CISSP offers quite a much greater foundation accentuating their program in the eyes of the outside observer.

From the viewpoint of the employed, CCIE has one major advantage, and that is that it does not require previous experience, whereas CISSP is going to require five years of previous experience or alternate qualifications. So whether you select the CCIE Security or CISSP Certification, you would have to gain a good training platform, like SPOTO, to achieve this certification in the first attempt.

Both Certifications are a great way to grab a high salary package job but I would suggest going with CCIE Security because there are lots of opportunities for a CCIE Security certified engineer.

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