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Cisco’s CCIE Data Center certification is believed to be one of the most respected and prestigious certifications in IT. It is designed for the network architects, network managers, senior network engineers, and other networking professionals who would be involved in the operation, implementation, and troubleshooting of complex data center infrastructures. Accomplishing your CCIE Data Center certification is going to validate your expert-level knowledge, and would put you among a group of the most sought-after and valued professionals in the IT industry.

Before we get to know about the uses and benefits of the CCIE Data Center Whatsapp Group, let’s have a brief overview of the CCIE Data Center Exam. There are two exams, which candidates need to clear to gain the CCIE Data Center Examination. Along with the Whatsapp Group, if you join good institutes to help you out like the SPOTO.


CCIE Data Center Written

The CCIE Data Center Written examination would be assessing the knowledge on various aspects of planning, implementing and troubleshooting topics of the data center as listed in the exam topics. CCIE Data Center would be unifying, the Written and Lab exam topics documents into a unique curriculum, while they disclose explicitly that which domains would be pertaining to which exam, and the relative weight of each domain.

An Evolving Technologies section is going to be included in the Written exam only. It would enable the candidates in order to bridge their core technology expertise with knowledge of the evolving technologies that would be adopted at an accelerated speed, like the cloud, and network programmability.


CCIE Data Center Lab 

CCIE Data Center Lab Exam is a two-part eight-hour timed based exam which would be testing the candidate’s skills in configuring, diagnosing and troubleshooting a complex data center topology. Knowledge of troubleshooting and configuration are important skills and candidates are expected to troubleshoot and configure issues as part of the CCIE Data Center Lab exam.

CCIE Data Center Written and Lab exam topics would be unifying the documents into a unique curriculum, while it is explicitly disclosed about which domains would be pertaining to which exam, and the relative weight of each domain.


Lab Environment:

Cisco documentation would be available online during the exam; however knowledge of the more common protocols and technologies is going to be assumed. The documentation could only be navigated using the index, as the search function hasn’t been disabled. Laboratories are not allowed to carry any external references. You should also report any suspected equipment issues to the proctor during the exam; adjustments could not be made once the exam is over.


Lab Exam Grading

Each question on the lab has would have to be a specific criterion. The labs are graded by proctors who are going to ensure all the criterion which would be met and points are awarded accordingly. The proctors present there are going to utilizing automatic tools in order to gather information from the routers to perform some preliminary evaluations, but the final determination of a correct or incorrect configuration is done by a well-trained proctor only.


Benefits of CCIE DC Whatsapp Group:

Candidates create the Whatsapp Group, to get to know and get acquainted with the other experienced IT Professionals. Whatsapp Groups helps the aspirants to gain the knowledge and solve their issues, which they face in their day to day life for studying for the CCIE Data Center. If you join these kinds of group, you could gain lots of expert advice.

If you want to gain this certification, a good Whatsapp Group would be considered to be quite useful for your certification. Also, if you want to gain this certification, you could also join a good training Institute, which is provided by the SPOTO.



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