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Although the CCIE written exam is much more difficult than the exams like CCNA and CCNP, it's just like computer exams like these exams, and it's not as unusual as lab exams. Therefore, it is possible to pass only the reference book for CCIE. The reference is the CCIE (v5.0) official book and is the Cisco recommended reference. With the exception of new areas of CCIE R & S v5.1, it covers all test ranges.


The current CCIE written exam version is 5.1. This reference book is "5.0" compatible and does not correspond to new fields related to SDN, but corresponds to other existing fields. As this is the only official Cisco book available, systematic learning in this CCIE reference is also important for English language familiarity.


The CCIE exam policy has the following rules: In other words, even if you pass the CCIE written exam, there is an expiration date, so if you do not pass the CCIE lab exam within that expiration date, you need to pay over 50,000 yen and pass the written exam again. 

1 The first CCIE lab exam must be taken within 18 months of passing the CCIE written exam. 

2 You will need to take the lab exam again within 12 months of the last day you took the lab exam. 

3 If you do not pass the lab exam within 3 years of passing the written exam, you will have to retake the written exam. 


If you pass the CCIE written exam, you won't get any qualifications, and for such exams that won't be evaluated at all, you will have to pay a lot of money again. Therefore, it is recommended that you start studying for some degree in the lab exam before taking the CCIE written exam,  rather than taking the written exam immediately, even if you reach the level that allows you to pass the CCIE written exam. 


As you progress through the lab exam to a certain extent, you will find how much you have to study in the lab exam or you may find that the CCIE is not worth the investment in the first place. 

The stock number of this problem is much larger than 350-001. In addition, the frequency of renewal of exam questions seems to be increasing. Unlike CCNA / CCNP, the questions on the CCIE written exam change suddenly and suddenly one day, so an orthodox learning method of firmly learning in the CCIE official book has become very important. In addition, since 2015, similar questions on the Web problem collection such as CCIE testing have not been listed, so the overseas problem collection is not recommended.


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