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CCIE Routing and Switching are considered to be the most demanded certification over the globe. Below mentioned are some books which you could own and some from the CCIE Routing and Switching Book.

If you understand the technology and what it would be trying to do, any vendor implementation is just commands which could easily be learned. Let me confirm this one thing previously, you are going to need lots more than just a book to gain this certification. You should check out the course offered by the SPOTO along with these books.

Below mentioned are some books that you could refer to for studying for the CCIE Routing and Switching Exam:


1. CCIE Routing and Switching Certification guide

This book is one of the Cisco press books which you would like to read, it contains most of the things that you would need to know for clearing the written exam. It would be covering all the topics on the blueprint so that you know what you are up against. The topics are also mapped so well to the lab exam. But again, you should not think that this book is all that you are going to need to clear the written but most of the information is there.


2. Internetworking with TCP/IP: v. 1:

This is considered as the best-selling, conceptual introduction to TCP/IP internetworking protocols interlaces a clear discussion of fundamentals along with the latest technologies. Leading author Doug Comer has covered all the layering and shows how all the protocols in the TCP/IP would be suited to fit into the five-layer model.


3. IPv6: Theory, Practice, and Protocol 2nd Edition

The second edition of IPv6: Theory, Practice, and Protocol, provides a guide the readers through deployment and implementation of IPv6. The Theory section is going to takes a close, unbiased look at why so much effort and time has been expended on the revision of IPv4. The Practice section is going to provide, you the hands-on explanations of how to roll out IPv6 services and support. Finally, In the Protocol section, you would have a comprehensive review of the specifics of IPv6 and all the related protocols.


This completely rewritten edition is going to offer the updated as well as comprehensive coverage of all the important topics that would include router and server configuration, the impact of IPv6 on mobile networks, security, and evaluating the impact of IPv6-enabled networks across the globe. Pete Loshin’s famously lucid explanations have benefited the readers at every turn, making Ipv6: Theory, Practice, and Protocol the best way for a large diverse audience to get up to pace on this groundbreaking technology.


4. Developing IP Multicast IP Networks

This is another Cisco press books that are worth reading.

•    It clears the explanations of the concepts and underlying mechanisms of IP multicasting, from the fundamentals in order to design advanced techniques.

•    Techniques and concepts that are to be reinforced through real-world network examples, each evidently illustrated in a step-by-step manner with comprehensive drawings.

•    It also includes in-depth information about IP multicast addressing, multicast routing protocols and distribution trees.





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