Engineer's philosophy of life

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Engineer's philosophy of life


Personal understanding of life


Warren Buffett, I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar. In the United States, Buffett is the second man worthy of the most respect except his father.


1.Suffer hardships in life and benefit people for a lifetime;

2.Be sure to do what you like;

3.Thinking first, act in the back;

4. Learn to be grateful;

5. Don't be obsessed with wealth;

6. Respect everyone around you;

7.You can be mundane but can’t be mediocre;

8. Good habits make good life;

9. Receive goods need to be patience;

10. Responsibility is more important than everything else;

The above ten items are God Buffett’s advice to the child. Actually I always believe that learning technology is for a better life. This is the essence of our learning technology.

A truly intelligent person are that little things are silly but big things are wise and be low-key and to see clearly as if one were seeing fire. Also, overcoming the strong by applying soft methods. Only those who do not fight for contention can become a real winner after the lane is rented.  


It's more easier to get things done that be low profile. No matter how much you have, you can’t make a showing display of your abilities. Learn to be low profile, hide your skills at right time and look foolish but wise that you can win the whole life.


About patience


If direction is right, patience will ultimately pay off.


Confidence is one hundred times more important than gold. Patience is 100 times more important than confidence. I personally always believe that a good engineer and patience are very important qualities. In fact, I was very impatient but I have experienced many things. Slowly to nurse your own character, this slowly changes some acute temper especially patience. The following article is a classic that I posted on my desktop. It may be useful if it is included.

Sniper's patience


Control the impulse of your heart and resist all kinds of temptations. Patience waiting for the opportunity to come, the ultimate harvest is their own wealth and even life.


In the winter of 1942, the new Stalingard entered the final street fighting. The captain of the Soviet "Condor sniper" Vasily was ordered to fly the bridge on the Dnieper River which meant they have to go deep into the teaching area.


After completing the task, in the retreat that the Condor team encountered a German group of strikers in the mangrove forest. After fierce battles, the enemy corpse everywhere and the gods built the team members also fell down. Only Ivan is still alive. At this time, two gunshots came from the depths of the woods. Vasily's heart was tight and it was right to follow the gunshots. It was Ivan! He was lying in a pool of blood and had a gun in his chest.


Vasily followed the blood on the grass and quietly molded a small stone mound outside the woods. There were only a few piles of rocks and no one. Suddenly, Vasily keenly captured that a faint light spot was shaking on his temple. He instinctively bounced up and threw himself behind a huge stone on the right side. The gun rang, his left big A sharp pain, has been pierced by bullets. Vasily hides behind the big stone, and it hurts to breathe.


With this gun, Vasily judges that the enemy is wearing behind the huge stone in front but looking through the crack in the stone. There is no blood flow on the front. He had to take out the hemostatic drug, wrapped it with a bandage and then endured the leg. Pain, smashing the dirt in the cracks, dug a small hole, forming a shooting hole, concentrating on the enemy to hide behind the fast isolated rock. The two are 50 meters apart and Vasily wait patiently. As long as the enemy leaves the stone, he will be sure to kill him.


I didn’t expect the enemy to be surprisingly calm. After three hours, I still couldn’t move. Even Vasily who was known for her calmness was a little surprised. Vasily put her rubber gloves. Blowing it into the palm of your hand, tied it to the muzzle and let it crawl like a real hand on the edge of the stone. Just listening to the sound of “Pong!”. The two fingers of the rubber glove were interrupted by the roots of the enemy, not only did not go. They still monitoring him.


The two silently held Vasily to understand that this time they met a real sniper master. Night color drop that the enemy did not move and Vasily did not move. He did not dare to close his eyes, staring firmly at the boulder but the enemy was as dead as no movement.


After the night has passed, the two people still hold the man who comes out of the stone which means that he is heading for death. "Booming!" The sky was clouded, lightning and thunder and it was raining heavily. The rain drenched on the wound and the sting was unbearable.


Vasily gnawed her teeth. He believes that the enemy is also suffering as long as the guy can’t stand it. It will be quietly touched, that is his only chance for Vasily. However, the enemy is still moving just like dead. Vasily was secretly surprised that what kind of enemy is this? There is such an amazing endurance!


The second night is coming again, the enemy is still moving. Vasily’s confidence began to waver. An extreme sense of tiredness came " You can't sleep!" He warned himself but the eyelids did not listen at all. At this time, his hand inadvertently touched his chest and met a hard thing Lisa!" He suddenly woke up and he took a picture from his arms. Even though the night was not clear. Lisa appeared in front of him. She is pretty Standing under the birch tree like a beautiful turmeric.


However, the German plane came. Her parents died in bombing and Lisa personally put this on him in the small river of his hometown. A stamp, sent him to the battlefield. Vasily come back alive. "The sin of her eyes with tears is like a soldering iron in his heart. For Lisa, I have to go back alive!" Vasily's heart was so hot and suddenly fell asleep.


He took off his clothes and stuffed it into the helmet. In the dark, it looks like a helmet is like a personal head. He puts this "head." Tied to the butt and slowly slid out from behind the boulder, slammed back and retracted even tried three times. The fourth "head" was completely exposed outside the stone. Sure enough, the gun on the opposite side rang. The helmet was punched and Vasily screamed quickly.

The enemy did not rush, but still did not move.


The sun came outbut the enemy still did not come out. Vasily has been a bit unsettled. This German cockroach is too calm! He almost could not help but want to rush to see if the enemy is sleeping!


Suddenly, the opposite side of the big stone found a figure behind Vasily’s heart. He aimed the gun at the shadow of the stone. "Dummy!" He was taken aback. The finger of the trigger  stopped suddenly. It was a very realistic head. However, the head looked nodded and even stretched five times from the distance of 50 meters. Vasily did not move. Finally, he slowly slid out from the other side of the stone. He stood up silently. Vasily did not hesitate to pull the trigger on the floor and the man fell straight.


Vasily walked over with a gun. The German fell pale on the ground and a hole was punched in his forehead. Vasily bent down and found a document from the German pocket, which read: König, the SS. Colonel, ace sniper.


The above is my feeling of when I exam CISCO CCIE LAB and CISCO CCIE written exam. Hope you guys for your own dream to fight! Fighting!

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