How to save the CCIE Data Center Written Exam Fees?

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CCIE Data Center Exam Overview:

Cisco CCIE Data Center certification would be validating the expert-level skills that would be required for the planning, design, implementation, and management of a complex infrastructure of modern IT data center.

Advanced skills are focused on Layer 2 as well as Layer 3 connectivity, storage networking, fabric infrastructure and compute, network services, and orchestration and automation. Knowledge of evolving technologies and their impact on the beaux-arts framework, implementation, deployment models, and operations would be included in CCIE Data Center certification. CCIE Data Center certification is not an easy task, you would have to gain lots of hands-on experience so as to become successful in the CCIE Data Center certification. I would say that you should gain the courses, which would be offered by firms like the SPOTO.

The CCIE Data Center Candidates would be exceptionally qualified in order to play a leadership role in connecting evolving technologies and deep domain expertise in order to meet business requirements that would depend on an agile IT infrastructure. Professionals who could achieve CCIE Data Center certification have demonstrated their technical skills at the highest level, using best practices of the industry.


Fundamentally there are no formal prerequisites required for CCIE certification, you are expected to have an in-depth understanding of the exam topics and would be strongly encouraged to have eight years of job expertise before you try for this certification. Though other professional certification or training courses are not required, candidates must first clear the CCIE Data Center Written Exam, and then you should go for the corresponding CCIE Data Center Lab Exam.

The costs for CCIE Data Center exams are mentioned below:

1. The written exam would be costing about $450
2. Lab exam would be costing about $1,600

Even you have to pay for the travel and lodging costs, which would be about $4300 for each time you make an attempt. Most people take the written communicating once and generally doubly, but they take the lab exam two or three times before they could pass the examination. Thus, this exam costs are likely to range from a low of $2050 to a high of about $4,350. Add to that at least $600 would be considered as the cost of exam prep materials, including a couple of banks of the questions of the practice test, or as much as $12,000 for a CCIE Data Center boot camp and you could get the correct idea that this could be considered as an expensive undertaking.

Follow SPOTO CCIE DATA CENTER Study Plan, pass the CCIE written exam in 7 days and pass the CCIE lab exam in 3 months, which will save more time and money.

If you could check the salary surveys, you could get better information about the salaries than you could gain anecdotally, but with numerous CCIE friends and half of them in the Bay space, it is not considered to be unreasonable to expect a salary of $90,000 to $120,000 after earning the CCIE Data Center credential.

Most CCIE knowledge Center would have eight to ten years of business expertise, and most of them would be spent anywhere from 18 to 30 months that would be earning their certification, so you would have to clearly have some work ahead of you. I hear from my CCIE Data Center colleagues that it is mandatory to work in or around an environment where you could lay your hands on Cisco software and equipment, significantly current versions of IOS twelve.2 and higher as well as PIX and Cisco VPN stuff.

Gaining this certification would be an easy task. A smart coaching platform that provides you good study dumps and laboratory apply, you could gain this certification in a single attempt. I would advocate for you to achieve the courses provided by the SPOTO.

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