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Today, I passed the CCNA certification test with 972. The exam time is 2 hours. I spent a complete of thirty-nine minutes to answer all the queries, and every topic was fastidiously scanned. I spent time on the test topic. This is also to tell everyone. The test time isn't a tangle, therefore please friends on CISCO Road, don't be concerned regarding time. The score isn't terribly high, the transcript says that I created an error within the configuration topic and therefore the chosen topic.

1: Reference Books:

Electronic business Press: CCNA Study Guide (Chinese sixth Edition) 640-802, I scan this book doubly, all the experimental topics during this book, all the English questions after class Finished. If you really take the CISCO route first, the foundation must be good at the beginning. I attended the coaching of senior network engineers for quite ten months, and that I have ordered the inspiration for a cub study.

2: Exam reference question bank:

Test Passport (v18.01). today, I take the test, and there are forty-four queries, two experimental configuration queries, 2 questions in the experiment view, 2 questions in the drag and drop. the other is the selected questions. Only one topic for all topics isn't in V18, and every one four experiments ar coated. I think that if you simply scan books and don't do the take a look at a bank, it's still tough to pass the take a look at.

The test ought to be a touch nervous at the start, therefore you ought to make certain {to check|to see|to ascertain|to envision|to testine|to visualize} the test location in some unspecified time in the future earlier once you take the exam. In addition, when applying for the CCNA exam online, be careful not to apply for Chinese. Be sure {to check|to see|to ascertain|to envision|to testine|to visualize} the e-mail to verify the exam. When you are within the test, if you are nervous, you can do the problem slowly.

Don't rush to do it. Be sure to believe in yourself. I believe that victimization the takes a look at Passport question bank is not any downside. At a similar time, you'll be able to breathe a couple of times and you'll be able to alleviate it. Do this, I believe you will not be nervous. In addition, once creating a configuration downside with a tiny low downside, make certain to recollect to answer all queries and press NEXT. Usually, don't perceive the matter within the topic or English words should be repeatedly scrutinized to seek out relevant info. The question bank is no problem. In addition, when making a configuration problem with a small problem, be sure to remember to answer all questions and press NEXT.

When you do a tangle, you may encounter issues that you just don’t perceive or English words should be repeatedly scrutinized to seek out relevant info. The drag-and-drop downside within the question bank is once you cannot see the matter, so when you have the problem, you can start the drag-and-drop option. So once you do the question bank, if you do not see the matter, you need to totally perceive every choice. the meaning of. In the end, I did not even examine the question and solely selected one. Fortunately, after I ironed NEXT, I used to be prompted to decide on solely two, which is fortunate.

I have encountered 44 questions in the exam. I encountered a completely different topic of EGRIP. This topic is actually the same. The topic gives the EGRIP configuration of multiple subnets, but because NO AUTO-SUMMARY is not used, Will appear in the boundary summary. This answer is additionally this, it ought to be a category outline for the boundary, only host A can not CONSOLE host B.

3. Lab topic:

RIP configuration topic, the first screen appears a prompt, then the bottom left corner of the screen has "" "configuration instructions" and "TOPOLOGY", the configuration directions can offer the necessities to piece RIP, click TOPOLOGY, will jump out of the topology map, click on the "CONSOLE" computer of the linked router, CLI will appear, command line.

Anyway, thanks SPOTO. With SPOTO’s facilitate, I will pass the test simply and quick.

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