The new Cisco Certification in 2020: What are the changes in Cisco 200-301 exam?

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Cisco recently announced major changes in its certification program. Therefore, if you plan to get CCNA in 2020, you may need to take the time to ask questions and understand the implications of the new certificate. If you are looking for the answer, then this guide attempts to provide an answer. It is worth mentioning that the Cisco CCNA is not the only new development will be the impact of the certification path. Other paths will also undergo some changes.

Purpose of this guide will focus on ways to CCNA certification, this blog article will answer as many questions to help you make an informed decision on the Cisco way. To keep up with the ever-changing IT world and prepare professionals for the rapid development of the industry, Cisco plans to establish a structure for all certificates. If you plan to get any certificate in 2020, it is important to learn more about these changes, in order to change the fully prepared for these.

Currently, individuals who want to adopt CCNA certification path must pass two exams. However, the 2020 model will be different. If you are actively writing CCNA test next year, you should understand what these changes mean for you. Before entering a new certificate of the new model and configuration files, let us explore the current CCNA structure is still valid.

Overview of the current CCNA certification path

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is a way to Cisco. Its purpose is to enable job seekers to demonstrate their understanding of the basics of information technology. Professionals with certificates to explore the many potential competition in the IT field. By following the path suited to their career goals, individuals also have the opportunity to specialize in certain areas. In the two CCNA certification fields provided, including CCNA Cloud; CCNA Cyber ​​Ops; CCNA Data Center; CCNA routing and switching; CCNA industry; CCNA cooperation; CCNA Service Provider; CCNA security; and CCNA Wireless.

The new Cisco 200-301 certification exam Overview

2020 February 24, Cisco CCNA certification program will be different. For example, the path highlighted above will be replaced. The new CCNA credential will provide the following certificates: CCNA Data Center; CCNA Cloud; CCNA cooperation; CCNA Wireless; CCNA industry; CCNA security; CCNA routing and switching; CCNA Service Provider.

Most current CCNA certification require candidates to pass a number of exams. However, for the new Cisco CCNA, students only need to complete an examination, the examination will be February 24th start up. CCNA certification can be granted a new exam is Cisco 200-301. It will focus on a wide range of topics, including programmability, networking, automation and security. In addition, a special way to retiring CCNA certification as well as individuals must know. For example, if you pursue CCNA Security, then the next logical step is to CCNP Security. Good thing about the new certificate is its simplicity. Many candidates complained CCNA current requirements and provide a list, it is very complex and daunting. However, the new certification program to make the system easier to use. Therefore, Cisco tries to make clear the process of certification based on personal interests, and more useful.

How will Cisco CCENT certification process?

As we all know, as a prerequisite for the CCNA CCENT. This means that when you get the CCENT certification, you have to meet some requirements of the CCNA exam. Currently, when you test by 100-105 ICND1, you will get Cisco Certified Network Technician Certification entrance, then you can proceed with 200-105 ICND2 exam.

With the new CCNA certification, you only need to pass the exams, which means new CCENT CCNA certificate is invalid. This means that if you wait until the new exam in February 2020, will require you to get through the new CCNA single exam. If you are currently using CCENT certificate, you do not have to worry because you can still write the first test and the second test in 2020 February 23.

Cisco CCNA certification prerequisite

The latest CCNA certification  do not need any formal prerequisites. For those who have prerequisites, candidates have already completed their CCENT reached by them. As for the new CCNA certification, you do not have to worry about. However, Cisco recommends candidates to have more than one year or one year of work experience in the management and implementation of Cisco solutions, have a good understanding of network fundamentals and basic knowledge of IP addressing.

The new Cisco DevNet certification

Cisco also announced the launch of its new DevNet certification. They will cover DevOps, development and automation. One of DevNet certificate is Cisco Certified DevNet Associate, comparable to the new CCNA certification. This certification exam will start with the new CCNA exam on the same day.


Cisco added some new features to their certificates and test. You should be up to date and follow these changes. For individuals currently being prepared CCNA certificate, it is important that you must complete two exams in 2020. February 23. If you do not do this, it means that even if you have participated in the Cisco 200-301 exam also must take to get the CCENT certification. This does not mean that you should set aside the pursuit of the certificate. Start a new test takes about four months, and before that, your career a lot of things can happen. So to dream.

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