What effect will 200-310 have on my CCNA certification exam?

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With the February 2020 Getting Started Cisco Certified Network technicianRetirement (CCENT) certificate, Cisco recently announced that after restructuringCisco Certified Network engineer (CCNA) will start in 2020 February 24, previously separate but related knowledge, including CCNAexamination. Specifically, the CCNA 200-301replacedexaminationIt includes all of the following examination Content:

    CCNA Cloud
    CCNA Collaboration
    CCNA Data Center
    CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate)
    CCNA Industrial
    CCNA Routing and Switching
    CCNA Security
    CCNA Service Provider
    CCNA Wireless

For example, if you are working on network design for CCDA certificate, you should know that after the 2020 February 24, CCDA certificate will be replaced by a major 200-301 CCNA certificate. This means that before replacing the main tested on the CCNA routing and switching CCNA exam candidates can now also be tested in terms of design principles, cloud technology, collaboration technology, security, wireless technology. currentFor a complete list of exam topics including a sub-section on the basics of security, automation and programmability of the main part, as well as about wireless and wireless architecture.

If you are currently working on any CCNA 200-301 was substitute examination, You may want to know after February 24 what the certificate will happen. do not worry. Cisco has a plan for this. And retiring CCENT different certificate, before February 24 deadline will automatically receive the new CCNA training and certification badge represents 2 months ago by CCNA exams focus on any of the above. 24 candidates completed the intensive training. For example, if you pass the CCDA exam before retirement, it will be the new CCNA CCDA training certificate and badge badges available.

After February 24, even though you will no longer be able to participate in the 200-301 exam replaced by the attention, but you can still get a training badge. Cisco, in its certification FAQ. He pointed out that candidates will be able to start after the 2020 February 24 to complete the training courses and earn badges.

So, now that you've spent time and money to research focused Certificate CCNA (eg CCDA), you should still try to continue to wait for the new 200-301 exam? Cisco's recommendations are to continue to move forward. As of this writing, you have more than six months' time to complete the certificate to be used.

All the work is not in vain, because you will not only pass throughexaminationExamination to obtain a new CCNA certificate but also for obtaining obtainedexaminationThe new training badge.

Although 2020 February 24 will appear in your unconsciously, but you now have more time to complete their work attentively.

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