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The Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center Certification or CCNP information Center certification and educational program give you comprehensive certification and later the professional-level skills that square measure going targeted on the information center solutions, technologies and best practices to style, and implement, a contemporary information center infrastructure.

The IT practitioners UN agency square measure trained by the Cisco and licensed by them, they are the one who are amazingly qualified for their key roles in complex data center environments, along with their experience utilization of technologies as well as policy-driven virtualization, automation, infrastructure, and orchestration, data center security, unified computing, and integration of cloud initiatives.

If you would like to filter the valid Cisco CCNA Data Center certification or any of the Cisco CCIE certification will work because of the necessity.

CCNP DC Exam Content:

Implementation of Cisco information Center Unified Computing or DCUCI:
This course can target deploying, operating, securing, and maintaining the Cisco Unified Computing System or UCS and the UCS C-series Racked Servers for use in data centers.

Implementation of Cisco Data Center Infrastructure or DCII:
This course will focus on the implementation of LAN, SAN, and Data Center Unified Fabric. This course can offer you active expertise for the implementation of the Cisco information center infrastructure.

Implementation of Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation or DCVAI:

The focus of this course would get on the implementation and readying automation of Cisco Application central Infrastructure or ACI and additionally, the Cisco Nexus switches. It will offer you made, hands-on experience for building a data center solution.

Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure or DCID:
This course can target the information center style supported Cisco solutions. This course includes all the theoretical content likewise because of the design-oriented case studies.

Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure or DCIT:
This course is going to focus on the troubleshooting of the LAN, SAN, Cisco Unified Computing System or UCS, Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric, and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure or ACI.

Now if you want to earn this Cisco certification, you are needed to pass the following exam(s):

The 300-175 or DCUCI Exam:
This test will take a look at a candidate's data of implementing the Cisco information center technologies which can embody unified computing, unified computing maintenance and operations, automation, unified computing security, and unified computing storage.

The 300-165 or DCII Exam;
This test goes to check the candidate's data for the implementation of the Cisco information center within the infrastructure which has the key protocols, maintenance, management, operations, security, and storage.

The 300-170 or DCVAI Exam:

This test goes to check the candidate's data regarding the implementation of the Cisco information center infrastructure that goes to incorporate the virtualization, automation, the Cisco Application central Infrastructure or ACI, ACI network resources, and ACI and management.

The 300-160 or DCID Exam:
This test can take a look at a candidate's data of the Cisco Date center infrastructure style referring to readying necessities and choices for network property, infrastructure, computer connectivity, storage network, and compute resource parameters.

The 300-180 or DCIT Exam:

This test goes to possess a two-test module, which will test a candidate's knowledge regarding troubleshooting Cisco data center infrastructure including data network protocols, network virtualization, and automation, Cisco Application central Infrastructure AC, storage, computation platforms, and management and operations.


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