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Having certified with the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification, it would validate your ability to implementing and troubleshooting both LAN and WAN networks. Besides, you would be recognized as a person who could collaborate with specialists on issues related to voice, wireless, advanced security as well as video solutions.

CCNP certification is considered to be suitable for those with at least one year of experience in networking. Individuals who would be obtaining the certification are known to possess a precious skill set that would be required in enterprise roles like the network engineer, support engineer, systems engineer, network technician and much more.

You would be required to obtain the CCNA Certification, before attempting for CCNP certification. Hence, if you wish to have this certification, you should gain access to the study dumps offered by the SPOTO Club, if you wish to have it in a single attempt.

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So, below mentioned are some benefits of acquiring the CCNP Certification:

1. Job availability is high
CCNP certification would make you qualify for many different jobs like the IT manager; computers as well as information systems manager; network engineer; network administrators and computer systems; computer network architect or engineer projects, which would be just to name a few.
2. Salary potential is high
Getting a CCNP certification would be able to qualify you for an array of employment opportunities as well as the chance to earn a higher salary. According to research which would be conducted by Cisco, individuals that are CCNP certified are earning at the least ten percent more than those who would be employed at the same position, but without the certification.
3. Skill recognition

Obtaining CCNP certification is considered to be a way about having your advanced knowledge as well as skills in computer networking showcased. Being certified from a reputable organization like Cisco would be meaning that you are going to recognize as a person that would be received best training which would be available in the industry.
4. Opportunity to keep up with the technology
We are all surrounded by technologies. The best way to keep up with your career growth is to keep up with the current technology, which would be exactly what a CCNA certified professional does.

5. Improving Resume:
Your resume would be speaking a lot, about your education, skills and work experience. Once you would be seeing a CCNP certification on the resume you could be expecting the potential employers to believe that you would be the kind of person who would be carrying on with the organization and would be an asset to it. Having such certifications in your resume would also be able to demonstrate your interest in learning and education.
6. You build up self-confidence
A CCNP certification would be able to work as confidence as well as a morale builder. As opposed to being afraid of applying for the job due to less education, you would be building up the confidence of knowing that you would be having a top-notch certification of an industry that is considered to be growing constantly.

So, now, you know why you need a CCNP Certification, for advancing your networking skills. Now, I would like to recommend you to select the SPOTO Club, for the training purpose.
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