Why Do I Need 1 CCNP Certification Before Feb 24,2020?

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After Cisco announced that its entire series of certification exams to track changes will occur in 2020, you may have heard about the migration andCisco Certified ProfessionalThe word of debate. So, what are the Cisco Certified Professional credentials? How do you get one? Why do we need a? In short, the Cisco Certified Professional certificate proves that you have passed the so-called centralized Cisco exam. Cisco is a focused exam, which focuses on only a particular topic or technology related to Cisco but does not complete the core certification.

For example, after 2020, February 24th, if you want to take and pass the Cisco Enterprise Network Design (300-420 ENSLD) exam, you will receive a Cisco Certified Professional - Corporate Design certificate. However, you do not have to get Cisco Certified Network Expert (CCNP) Certificate. To get the core certificate, you also need to participate and (300-401) exam by CCNP ENCOR. Interestingly, you will also receive an expert certificate if only through the core exam: Cisco Certified Professional - their core. However, this professional certificate CCNP Enterprise Certified different. To get certified CCNP Enterprise thorough certification, you will receive a certificate and expert Specialist Enterprise Core centralized certificate. These credentials will constitute your core CCNP Enterprise certification.

As I said before post about the new CCNP Enterprise path, Cisco Certified Professional certificates are also useful because you can get them through and to pass the exam on the current Cisco exam track. This means that you can use your existing core certification exam on the path towards a new path, even if you do not complete the current path is being used on the CCNP certification. For example, if you pass through the CCNP TSHOOT (300-135) on existing tracks, but did not complete the certification track, you will get the Cisco Certified Professional - Corporate Advanced Infrastructure implementation certificate. After obtaining this certificate, you only need to attend CCNP ENCOR or after the exam in 2020, February 24th, you can add the Cisco Certified Professional - their core certificate,

However, for any of the current CCNP candidates face a new test schedule deadlines, Cisco's recommendation is to continue to strive for a complete CCNP certification current course. If you want to quickly get a Cisco certification, you can use SPOTO products, so you can quickly within seven days to pass the exam. One beneficial aspect of complete CCNP certification before the deadline of 24 February 2020, you can get more than one core certification and Cisco Certified Professional certification at the same time. For example, to complete the CCNP Security certification in 2020 February 24, you will get the core certificate and obtain no less than five Cisco Certified Professional certificate. On the other hand, if you concentrate now passed the exam, and then wait for the 2020 February 24 to participate in the security core CCNP exam (300-701 SCOR), you will receive a certificate track and two core Cisco Certified Professional certificate:

CCNP Security insists example, to get CCNP Security certification in 2020 after February 24, you will need to pass a core exam (300-701 SCOR) and the following one specific Cisco security technologies focused on six exam:
  Have Cisco Firepower (SNCF) of 300-710 Security Network
  300-715 implement and configure Cisco Identity Services Engine (SISE)
  300-720 Using Cisco Email Security Appliance (SESA) to protect e-mail security
  300-725 using Cisco Web Security Appliance (SWSA) Web security protection
  300-730 using a virtual private network (SVPN) implement security solutions
  300-735 automation and programming Cisco security solutions (SAUTO) 

By candidate core exams and one of the core exams will receive certification and two Cisco Certified Professional certification, although you have to get to the core by focusing on certification exams. In other words, after February 24, if you pass the exam 300-701 SCOR, such as the 300-730 SVPN exam, you will get CCNP Security certification core tracking, Cisco Certified Professional - core security certification, and Cisco Certified Professional - VPN network security implementation certification. Similarly, if you pass the core exams and 300-720 SESA, you will get tracking certification, Cisco Certified Professional - Core Certification and Cisco Certified Security Expert - e-mail content security certification.

So, if you have already started using the CCNP Security path how to do? Should you abandon all previous learning and trying to accomplish things and wait for the deadline in the past? Cisco declined again, you should not spend all your hard work. You should continue to work. If you are already struggling to make any type of professional certification, then Cisco has created a migration path, you can accommodate and reward your work has been completed.

To use the current track to get CCNP Security certification, you need to pass four exams: 300-206 implementation of Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions (SENSS), 300-208 implement Cisco Secure Access Solutions (SISAS), 300-209 implement Cisco Secure Mobile solutions (SIMOS), and Implementing Cisco threat control solutions (SITCS) of 300-210. There is a lot of work to be thrown away. Instead, if you have completed all four current CCNP Security exams track in 2020 February 24, you will automatically get the CCNP Security certification and five Cisco Certified Professional certificate after this date: Core Security, Web content security, network security VPN implementation, security, and identity management network security implementation firepower.

On the other hand, if you try to complete one or more of the current requirements of the exam before February 24, you will receive Cisco Certified Professional certification for these exams after February 24. Even if you just passed a current exam, the exam in the security track, you'll get the Cisco Certified Professional certification exam. 2020 February 24, which means you only need to get the complete CCNP Security certification exam through the core. For example, if you take and pass the exam 300-206 SENSS, but not before any other CCNP Security exams in 2020 February 24, you will get Cisco certified experts after February - Web Content Security certification. 24. Then, you only need to get CCNP track safety certificate and Cisco Certified Professional by SCOR 300-701 exam - core security certificate.

More information strategy and Cisco is similarly applied to the transition to the new track of every professional-level certification. After 2020 and February 24, CCNP Enterprise will replace the CCNP routing and switching, CCNP Cloud and CCNP Wireless. However, Cisco will provide separate professional credentials, including all of the following:
  CCNP Data Center
  CCNP Security
  CCNP Service Provider
  CCNP cooperation
  DevNet Professional CCNP certification

And we have explored the CCNP Enterprise migration path and CCNP Security migration path similar, there are also other professional credentials migration path. The only evidence is that there is no migration path DevNet Professional, which is a new record. You can find migration tools for all of the following tools on the Cisco website:
  CCNP routing and switching from CCNP Enterprise
  CCNP CollaborationThe CCNP Collaboration
  CCNP Data CenterThe CCNP Data Center
  CCDP conversion for the CCNP Enterprise
  CCNP SecurityThe CCNP Security
  CCNP service provider CCNP Service Provider
  CCNP WirelessTurn CCNP Enterprise

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