Cisco benefits! Cisco has released the available CCIE LAB Exam for you

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Recently, many people want to take the CCIE LAB exam, hoping to pass the exam before the Cisco reform. However, due to too many people signing up, many people can't book the exam location, so they are very anxious.

Someone even asked me is it impossible to book the CCIE LAB exam before the Cisco update (February 2020). I understand that everyone is anxious. I have been comforting everyone and telling you that Cisco will still release the lab position.

Yesterday Cisco officially released some CCIE security lab test positions in Beijing, Brussels, Hong Kong, Richardson and so on. If you plan to take the CCIE Security lab exam, then you will need to book the exam. If the lab position in other tracks is also updated, we will update it in time.

Please follow us in time to avoid missing the latest news.

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The latest CCIE LAB pass report, if you want to take the lab exam, you can sign up for our course.


Our lab service package includes
1、workbook and solution, all materials is the same as the exam, you will face it come from our materials when you take the exam.
2、we provide rack to practice, the rack includes IOS、init configuration and so on.
3、If you have any problem or difficulty during the practice, our tutor will help you to solve it through teamview.
4、we provide tutorial video that explains workbook and solution, it also shows you how to config one section by one section。

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