Congratulations, you have seen the 7 questions and answers that must be asked before attending the CCNA job interview.

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The CCNA Routing and shift area unit thought-about to be a wonderful place to begin for your IT career. The CCNA R&S is awfully well-liked among the IT Candidates, which might be learned and extremely asked for by the IT business. This certification goes to validate your ability for putting in, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting medium-size routed and switched networks.

Typically, the CCNA R&S goes to qualify you for roles as well as network technician, systems administrator, network engineer, and more. Before we have a tendency to discuss some interview questions and answers, if you are searching for a good training institute, you should check out the courses offered by the SPOTO.

Q 1) What is Networking?

Ans: Networking goes to be used to attach or operate with a network. It is the method of exploitation and making wired or wireless networks for exchanging info, ideas, files, and other electronic communication.

Q 2) What does Protocol mean?

Ans: Protocol is outlined because the rules that connect 2 or quite 2 devices to transfer the data from one device to a different. It would conjointly assist you to understand however information is being transferred from one network to a different network for communication.

Q 3) What is the OSI reference model?

Ans: OSI is a reference model that would be telling you about how information and data are going to communicate over a network. It would take into account being an abstract framework that understands the relationships of transmission.

Q 4) What area unit the various layers of the OSI model?

Ans: essentially, there are 7 types of layers of OSI model, offered by the SPOTO. Each of the layers has its own practicality within the OSI model.
They would be considered as:

• Layer 1 – Physical
• Layer 2 – Data Link Layer
• Layer 3 – Network
• Layer 4 – Transport
• Layer 5 – Session
• Layer 6 – Presentation
• Layer 7- Application

Q 5) what's a Switch and why area unit we have a tendency to exploitation Switches?

Ans: Switch is considered to be used in order to receive the signal for creating a frame. It would be forwarding the packets between numerous computer network segments. It supports the packet management once the information is distributed to the Network layer or electrical circuit layer of the OSI model. While causing packets, a signal would get enabled and gets accessed by reading the destination that would be addressing and forwards the frame to the appropriate frame, hence we use switches.

Q 6) What are Routers?

Ans: Routing is the process of finding the path on which the data or information that could pass from the source to its destination. The equipment by that routing is finished is termed Routers.

Q 7) Mention the distinction between Switch, Routers, and Hub.

Ans: Switch: A Switch is used for receiving the signal in order to create a frame. It forwards the packets between various segments of LAN. It is the platform for packet management once the information is distributed at a Network layer or electrical circuit layer of the OSI model. It is about to support one broadcast domain and multiple collision domains.

Routers: The router could be a networking entrance device which might be accustomed forward information packets to the pc networks. A router is connected by a minimum of one computer network in conjunction with its information science address or with WAN or computer network. A router supports about two broadcasting domains.

Hub: within the hub, if anything achieves in its port then it sends it out to the others. It is the least complicated and less expensive. It has one collision domain moreover as one broadcast domain.

If you wish to realize additional interview questions, you must examine the study materials given by the SPOTO.

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