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Hello, I have been gathering all the information in the last couple days and started to read my CCIE + watch SPOTO + CBT Nugget videos.

So I have an old CCNP R&S cert and I work for a NOC position. Knowing this what resources do you recommend? VCE, links, books, GNS3 lab pages or whatever to get me along.

I am pretty scared, CCNP was hard enough... I have countless certs but this one sounds impossible especially since the cost seems too high. How hard is it compared to CCNP R&S?

My colleague recommended that SPOTO will help me pass the exam, has anyone taken it?
Are there any good tips you recommend to help beat the CCIE?

First of all, congrats for committing yourself to this goal, and don't be scared at all. This certification requires a lot of study time and commitment, but the key to success is being able to develop a study plan and stick to it consistently. I'm also in your situation, preparing my CCIE R&S and already started my journey, aiming for the lab exam sometime Q4 2020. I would recommend going through the study resources recommended by Cisco, which you find under the following link:

Official Cisco webistes:

It's also a good idea to find a training partner as you have, who will provide you with tons of videos and guides to consolidate the topics you read about.
As general tips, I find the following useful:

Useful tips

Additionally, I use OneNote to take quick notes, especially the key topics of each chapter, to be able to come back quickly and review any topic, or just use it as a memory builder. Flashcards are also good for this purpose. You might wanna look at the following links. However I would recommend building your own deck, it will help you remember things better.

study materials

Last but not least, try to find a study buddy, he or she will help you keep studying and not lose your focus. I'm actually looking forward to finding a small study group, to share our progress, questions, and help each other through the process.

How to Pass Your CCIE R&S Lab Exam at First Try?

You can pass CCIE Routing and Switching Lab exam at first try based on a solid foundation of Routing and Switching technology, and complete understanding of Lab exam topics and exam skills.

If you don’t have enough time to prepare or you still need to improve your skill. SPOTO will be a not bad place for you to support you fully prepare & pass your exam at first try. SPOTO specialize in Cisco certification training since 2003. For CCIE Lab candidates, we offer valid & accurate CCIE Lab topology, workbooks, solutions, mock exams, tutorial videos to fully prepare the exam, moreover, tutors will support you along with your preparation. You can 100% pass CCIE RS Lab exam at first try as long as you practice all SPOTO materials and pass all module tests and final mock exam.

Good luck with your study, and enjoy the journey:)

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