How about the passing score of the AWS certification exam?

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It seems that nowadays everyone would be considering having the certification over the cloud certifications. Wherever I go people would be talking about Cloud computing as well as cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, etc. And, there is no better way to learn cloud than preparing for certifications. I know so many people who are preparing for the AWS solution Architect exam for learning AWS and that's why I have started sharing my tips for learning AWS and passing the AWS solution architect certification exam.

You might have noticed a couple of my posts related to AWS certifications like in the past I shared best online courses to crack AWS solution architect associate exam. But, you might have heard it multiple times that without practice tests as well as mock exams, your preparation for AWS certification is not complete. Thus, you should gain a good and reliable study dumps provider like the SPOTO.

At SPOTO, they have passed lots of certifications Experts, like Cisco, AWS, Azure, Oracle, Red Hat and lots more. It doesn't matter whether you have taken the best AWS Certification online courses or read the best AWS certification books unless you would be doing the real practice, all that knowledge won’t be helping you to get over the line in real AWS certification exam.
I would say that the SPOTO's mock tests not only help you to pass the certification but also help you to score high. Those 850+ scores in AWS certification is considered to be literally not possible without a through practice using a good quality Mock simulator.
If you are not familiar with practice tests or mock simulators, then let me tell you that they are a collection of practice questions prepared by experts to match the syllabus and difficulty level of the exam. In some cases, these practice questions or mock exams are even more complicated than the real exam, particularly Whizlabs Exam Simulator, and I like that because than you are more ready for your review.
I strongly suggest you not to appear for your real test unless you are scoring 80% consistently in a series of mock exams. Only then you are ready to take on the challenge a real review presents like the tricky questions and time constraints.

Practice tests provide the real-exam-like environment where you need to solve the same number of questions in the same amount of time as in real exam, which gives you the real picture of where you are with respect to your preparation.
That's why I would be suggesting you first try these free practice questions before appearing for AWS Solution Architect Associate certification. The AWS solution architect exam would be requiring a high percentage to clear the review as a minimum passing score of 720 out of 1000, which is considered to be 72%, and you just have 130 minutes to answer all those questions. The actual passing score may be different on the day you are going for the exam but by aiming for 75% you are safe to pass the exam in the first exam.
If you wish to have the AWS Certification, you have to score that much and trust me it wouldn’t be considered an easy task to score that much in the exam. If you wish to pass the exam in a single attempt, you could have it through the AWS Certification Training Courses, which are being offered at the SPOTO Club. They have a team of experts, which are dedicated to preparing and providing accurate exam dumps, which would be helpful for the candidate to achieve a good score in the AWS Certification Exam.

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