How to get your dream job with the Cisco Networking Interview Questions(part two)

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How to get your dream job with the Cisco Networking Interview Questions (part one)

Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells Networking Hardware and Software Products and other high technology services.

Cisco also hosts IT Network Certifications in various domains like Routing and Switching, Security, Collaboration, Cyber Ops, Data Center, Cloud, Collaboration, Wireless, Service Provider, and Industrial. These Cisco Certifications are recognized globally.

Cisco is the market leader of the IT Networking Industry. A lot of IT Network Professionals wish to work at Cisco. Cisco carried out Interviews to hire candidates at various levels. If you are looking for Cisco Interview Questions, you are at the right place.

Here is the list of Frequently Asked Cisco Networking Interview Questions:

What is the Sliding Window Protocol?
What are different routing protocols and how do they function?
Physical Address and Network Topology uses which OSI Layers?

Describe how can you meet challenges associated with IPv6?
What is a real-time OS and how it’s different from other OS?
Which Hardware Component stores Buffers, Tables, etc.?

What are some examples of Troubleshooting Methods?
How do you find an IP Address from a Mac Address?
What is the Cisco IOS Exec Command Trace used for?

One Command can specify how many DNS Servers?
Which Is the Serial Encapsulation by Default?
Important Features of Ppp Chap Authentication?

What are the characteristics of an IP Access List?
What Are The Important Characteristics Of Isdn?
Which OSI Layer helps ensure Packet Delivery?

Which Hardware is necessary for Broadcasts?
How can you vary the Router Boot Sequence?
What Is The Numbered Range of Ip Access List?

Can the Internet Layer handle an IP Packet?
List The Important Characteristics Of OSPF?
What Are The Important Features Of UDP?

What is The Data Link Mac Layer used for?
What Is The Default Serial Encapsulation?
What is a ‘Window’ in networking terms?

What is the advantage of using a switch?
What is Subnetting, and what is its uses?
List The Default Values In Eigrp Metric?

When does network congestion occur?
Define signal and interrupt handling.
Why Do We Have To Disable CDP?

What are the functions of RARP?
How is a TCP connection made?
OSI Layers and their functions.

What Is The Use Of DLCI?
What Is The Use Of ARP?
What Is Source Quench?
What Is ICMP Protocol?

What happens when a Wildcard Mask Bit is set to 0 in Cisco Routers?
What is VMPS?
State the abbreviation for the Router to tell it to check all numbers?

What Is the Default CDP holdtime in Seconds For Cisco Routers?
What is a firewall? What is the security level in the ASA firewall?
How to convert the User Data from DTE to WAN Service Form?

What Protocols can exist in the Protocol Field of an IP Packet?
Which forms of WAN Services are accessed by Cisco Routers?
What does a Cisco Router check first while using Access Lists?

Cisco Catalyst 5000 uses which LAN Switching Method?
Explain an IP Address to a non-networking professional.
State the use of “IP Name-server”?

Which command enables failover in an ASA firewall?
State the different memories used in a Cisco router?
How Many Access Lists are allowed Per Interface?

Which Field within the science Packet has Network Testing?
What is the Cisco default TCP session timeout?
Explain how cut-through LAN switching works.

What is the Multilink Protocol MLPPP used for?
Describe the end-to-end Network Service?
What Are The Cisco HDLC Protocol?

What is a transparent firewall?
What Is Flow Or Netflow?
What is the purpose of TCP/IP or OSI layer?

What is the purpose of an IP Access List?
What are extended XNS and Extended VINES used for?
How will you use a linked list to stimulate 3 TCP/IP Packets?

Write a program to reverse a linked list.
What is the boundary downside in the allocation of the size of structures?
What is a balanced binary tree?

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