How dare you to test CCIE if you still don’t know the basic things?

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Battles in the networking industry for many years, after all, this world is really valuable wisdom, perseverance, courage, CCIE just a carrier, if you are confused on whether or not to test CCIE, I can clearly tell you:! The test does not have the slightest hesitation, but CCIE test is to master the technology, not to the certificate goes, if you're really at ease to work hard, your efforts will not be wasted. But the question is: What you really try the heart and how big your stage is!

The certification exam is the only way a lot of people looking for career development. For most people, no certificate is "absolutely not" of. Worldwide, each additional certification will bring raise salaries. If you can reasonably plan learning and certification exam, you can not only learn comprehensive knowledge of the system, and easy to find their own play to the strengths of the work environment. But the plethora of certificates on the market, which one should you participate in?


Who needs to get Cisco certified?

Students face fierce competition, each of the students in order to make yourself stand out in the job market and efforts, an international multi-pass is undoubtedly stand out for their classmates in employment and other competition magic weapon.

B, want to switch network operators wishing to enter the network industry to re-career, CISCO certified network skills certification Internet community has a great reputation, access to CISCO certification is undoubtedly a stepping stone to join the network industry.

C, network professional and technical personnel. Cisco certification is properly referred to as "get high-tech, high salaries of the first-class ticket."

How to get Cisco certified road?

The first step: to win CCNA, expand the network full access

Certification Difficulty: ★★ ☆☆☆

Participate in CCNA certification exam. Exam content is only one course, if there is the opportunity to work, you can have more contact with us about the specific operation of Cisco routers. Really not sure, you can participate in some of the better training lab environment, see more information in English, more exchanges in relevant forums, are conducive to ready for this certification exam, and CCNA candidates face all open to the world. If you are going lack of time, you can use SPOTO of products, we can score within seven days to pass the exam.

Step Two: Get CCNP, to be a senior expert network

Certification Difficulty: ★★★ ☆☆

The following needs to be considered is the CCNP exam. CCNP test subjects need to have three, you need to carefully study and carefully experiment. We do not recommend learning back exam, but you can see some of the topics before the exam to detect learning outcomes.

If you desperately need to obtain the certificate to select more challenging positions, you may wish to obtain a certificate in the future and a new working environment, and then perform each specific experiment, enrich and consolidate their knowledge and skills. If the preparation time is not enough, you can use SPOTO of products, we can score within seven days to pass the exam.

The third step: sprint CCIE, from the future, do not worry

Certification Difficulty: ★★★★★

Next you need to sprint the networking community, the highest certification, Cisco's CCIE after you complete CCIE routing and switching class study and examination, if you also want to get involved in future work content security, then, may choose to study CCIE Security certification. SPOTO product allows you within 7 days by CCIE written by the CCIE LAB exam within three months.

Looking back, you will find certified memorable ups and downs, but to improve personal skills to bring you more of a fun learning process. In fact, to this point, your network is already very rich in knowledge and skills, be expert-level figures in the industry, if you are interested, you can even consider writing monographs on aspects of the network. If your goal is to dedicate ourselves network technology industry, we regret it up!


Well, now we have a general understanding of Cisco certification. Now let us look at some of the most career-related concerns of the. Currently, staff has CCNA certification focused on the following companies:

System integrators, network integrators, small and medium enterprise network applications - most of the domestic companies are this type of business; and Internet service operators; Cisco partners; government agencies and public institutions.

Enterprises above the corresponding position are probably: pre-sales (after) technical support; network implementation engineer; small and medium enterprise network administrator; network technical support personnel to perform desktop support work in large enterprises; Cisco sales channel partner sales representatives; government and banks and other institutions network personnel.

Currently has a staff CCNP certification focused on the following companies: system integrators, network integrators; and medium-sized network administrator; ISP (Internet service provider); and medium-sized enterprise network designers; Cisco Gold (silver) agents and partners corresponds to enterprises, enterprises above the corresponding position is probably: pre-sales (after) technical support; senior network engineer; senior network consultant and analyst; major customer representative; Cisco channel partners, senior sales representatives; technical project leader.

Act quickly obtain the relevant certificate of Cisco, the brilliant achievements of your life now.

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