How to find the right role for yourself with Cisco Data Center

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Networking is allowing the exchange of Data/Information by connecting two or several devices. Every sector, be it manufacturing, small and medium enterprises, banking and finance, service providers, defense and so on makes use of networking. Due to its omnipresent nature, networking has one of the fastest-growing job opportunities in the IT Sector.

 Among all the players in the Networking industry, Cisco is the key player. There are a set of skills that the candidate must have to apply for the Cisco Certification Jobs. Imbibing these skills will make it easier for you to apply for Cisco Certification Jobs. The blog also provides information about the Roles and Responsibilities of Cisco Certification Jobs.

Technology these days is transforming. Initiatives like IoT, Big Data, Cloud are the proof of the same. The demand for Data Center professionals is increasing with ever-growing roles and responsibilities. These roles and responsibilities help you to gain skills in building, implementing, maintaining and troubleshooting the data centers.

Job Roles and Responsibilities:
   -   In-depth knowledge of infrastructures like Servers, SAN Storages, and Backup methodologies.
   -  Manage Data Center with Mechanical and Electrical Support, Cabling Infrastructure Support and Network Installation Support.
   -  Understanding components like Firewall, Load Balancers, and Switches.

   -  Install, manage and troubleshoot the cabling and hardware and infrastructure in the Data Center environments.
   -  For building these networks, the candidate should understand the virtualization technology and it’s impact on the data center infrastructure.
   -  Manage vendors providing network/hardware support and cabling installation services.

Skills Required:
   -  Windows Server troubleshooting.
   -  Database Backup and Recovery using RMAN
   -  Expertise Installing, Configuring and Troubleshooting Data Center Equipments. Recommended Certification MCITP / MCSE, CCIE/CCEE/ CCDA/CCIP/CCDA/VCAP, RHCE, SNIA, BCNE/BCFE, CWNA/ACMA

   -  IOS-XR, IOS-XE, NX-OS, and IOS
   -  Cisco Service Provider (SP) platforms (GSR, CRS, ASR9k, ASR1k, NCS5500)
   -  Cisco Data Center (DC) platforms (Nexus 3k, Nexus 7k, Nexus 9k)

   -  ISR and Catalyst.
   -  AAA Architecture: TACACS+, RADIUS, Cisco ACS.
   -  Network Management: Wireshark, SNMP, Solarwinds, Cisco prime

   -  WIFI device configuration, Firewall configuration.LAN crimping
   -  Router Configuration – knowledge of WIFI router / ADSL router
   -  Should have Advanced Unix/Perl Scripting knowledge

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