Key problems that ought to be paid attention to in network maintenance.

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1. Fabrication of twisted try:

the most connecting cable used for Gigabit LAN is twisted pair. In the network, quite 1/2 the area of the fault unit caused by poor contact of the twisted try, disconnection or line sequence does not meet the standard. The standard used for twisted pair is EIA/TIA-568B (line order: orange, orange, green, white, blue, blue, white, green, brown, brown) and EIA/TIA-568A (line order: green) White, green, orange, blue, blue and white, orange, brown, brown), we can see from the line sequence, to ensure that 1, 2 and 3, 6 pairs are the same set of lines, and twisted, so It will forestall disturbance, particularly at a hundred rate transmission and distance near to 100 meters, which can reduce the attenuation of data signals and prevent packet loss.

As the spoken language goes, "Workers should initial sharpen their tools after they need to try and do one thing sensible." Good tools can also do more with less. Cable testers and AMP crimping tools area unit the foremost basic line tools.

2. The network configuration of the computer:

The configuration of the TCP/IP protocol is inaccurate, and also the network can not be connected. The main check is that the computer's informatics address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS server settings area unit correct and match.

The informatics address of this network phase can not be used, and the gateway is another virtual network. This is especially important in LANs with VLANs.

In addition, generally the user can call: "Why my pc cannot notice the shared function", in fact, this is often his computer's choice to "Allow different users to access my files" within the file and print share of the network.

3, network documentation:

network documentation includes network style, network schematic drawing, distribution frame comparison table, user Internet port table, switch port configuration table.

It will scale back needless bother and confusion, people also can check with these materials, eliminate some faults and increase Internet users, and there is no need to give you back from vacation.

"Good memory is not as bad as a bad pen." When you face the hundreds of jumpers in the cabinet and can't figure out the clue, you will realize the importance of the data. Of course, if the network user changes and also the configuration of the switch changes, it is necessary to modify and update the data in time, otherwise it will become a bunch of furnishings.

4. The electrical surroundings of the instrumentation room:

within the past, the ground of the computer room was unified to the ground of the building. In fact, this connection also has limitations. There is a voltage distinction between the machine and also the machine, which is able to be broken by lightning or cause WAN and Loss of information transmitted between machines connected by coaxial cable, communication is good or bad. At present, the association to the bottom of the instrumentation space is principally by the ring technique.

The ground wires of all the instrumentation within the instrumentation space area unit connected into a closed-loop system and so connected to the bottom of the building so the machine is in a plane of equal potential. When the network fails, the most easily overlooked by network management is a power failure.

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