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It's exceeding delighted that with the help of SPOTO, I passed the CCIE RS LAB exam, which not only allowed me to get a promotion and raise my salary, but also fulfilled my dream for many years. The following are the exams I encountered on the CCIE RS LAB exam, and I hope to help those who are about to take the exam.


1. SW2's E0/0 port does not release VLAN12, switchport trunk allow vl add 12. After the knocking, the phenomenon will not be immediately released, wait for about 1 minute to appear the correct phenomenon.

2. The ppp chap hostname of R17 is incorrectly configured. After the correction, the phenomenon will appear.

3. R2 OSPF process passive e0/0, no passive phenomenon.

4. The EIGRP question is a bit forgotten, but it should be remembered that it is 2 wrong points. The first one is to have metric weight 0 1 1 1 1 on each device. 1, the second forgot to be equipped with an offset-list on one of the R11-R14 devices. I deleted the offset list directly, and the phenomenon requested by the topic came out.

5. BGP, I remember to check that the first three pictures actually meet the requirements of the title by default. The routing of the fourth picture is a bit problematic and the metric phenomenon of R6 is changed.

6. The IPv6 question is that R25 declares an E0/0 network segment error, deletes the wrong configuration, and the correct announcement appears.

7. The wrong point of DMVPN is the NHRP configuration error of R18. The second requirement is wrong. The S4/0 ACL of R19 does not release esp and the phenomenon after the permit esp any is released.

8. The fault of MPLS VPN is that R7 and R8 do not deliver default routes. At the same time, E2/0 of R6 is not passive under OSPF process and E0/0.125 of R8 is not doing ip nat. Outside. This problem should be noted that the R7 port shutdown must be verified whether the R8 can implement the bakcup function.

9. This problem is not too much to remember, it may be an ACL configuration problem.

10. NAT configuration error, missing one inside. After the change, the phenomenon will appear.

Overall, the TS test is really simple, and the SPOTO teacher's solution is all covered, without any problems, very good!


Compared with TS and Congfiguration, this part is my most uncertain part because I didn’t sleep well the night before, and the sets of diagnoses are a bit mixed. Fortunately, there is no big problem in the examination room. . But remind everyone that you really want to distinguish between that Set of diagnosis and back cooked.

first question

1. In the 114th message, I saw that there were 114 in the capture package and I chose it directly.

2. I am not sure about this, maybe it is wrong.

3. Select the two packets to be analyzed for further analysis. The answer is SW3-SW1. It’s good to point the circle between the two devices but then I found that when I turned the page and answered the second question, the selected circle was gone, until the last second of the exam, I was still staring at this. See if he will disappear.

Second question

1. 8 choose 4, according to the solution is

2. e sudo poweroff

3.telnet 1337 | tclsh this option


This part is really nothing to say, according to the solution of the SPOTO teacher, the phenomenon is second out, 4.2 hop limit maximum 2 and R60 no ip The two test sites of proxy-arp are not new, and many of the previous battle reports have been mentioned. And the machine in this examination room is really not at all, it is much cooler than knocking on the simulator, and there will be no ip. Cef bug. Just putty paste to the right and then click on the paste is not very comfortable, but did not care about research, almost it can be.

After the version and diagnosis are finished, you must go back and check the requirements one by one, to prevent subsequent configurations from affecting the previous requirements, and then Every time you complete a requirement, you must write, write, and write each time you complete an instruction. It doesn't matter if you don't write it! After checking the time at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I went back to Germany after taking the train on the end section. The next day (that is, today) at 5 am and 15 hours after the end of the exam, I received a notification from Cisco.

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