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The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is considered to be one of the most well known entry-level certifications within the IT industry; holding this credential would be able to prove your ability for installing, configuring, managing and supporting small to medium-sized networks. At present, there’s a huge demand for network engineers, but most of these positions would be requiring some sort of hands-on experience. Many aspiring networking professionals have found themselves asking the question, how could you gain the experience if you can’t get a networking job to start? The answer is quite simple, they just need to earn the CCNA.
Passing scores of the CCNA Certification Exam are set by utilizing the statistical analysis and are subject to change. After the exam, candidates would be receiving a score report along with a score breakout by exam section and even the passing score for the given exam. Cisco doesn’t publish exam passing scores because exam questions, as well as passing scores, are considered subject to change without notice.
Becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

 Earning your CCNA Certification could be the career jump-start which you would be looking for, moving you from a standard help desk position into actual server rooms as well as in networking closets. The best part is, there aren’t any pre-requirements for sitting in the exam! Late last month, the guys over at PayScale had surveyed that a group of 8,137 CCNA and have found out that their average yearly salary would have ranged from $39,195 to $118,830, depending on the candidate's location, years of experience and job title. But to achieve It wouldn’t be an easy task, candidates would have to go through lots and lots of learning process, which could be eased up, if they have acquired good and reliable prep courses, like that offered at the SPOTO Club.
According to the study, the highest population of CCNA Certification Holders are located in Chicago, New York City, and Atlanta. The city with the highest average salary for CCNA was San Jose, California, coming in at $95,183. You could take a look at each city’s respective median salary in the table below:

2018 CCNA Median Salary By City
City                                   Salary Data
New York, New York      $76,516.00
Chicago, Illinois               $71,495.00
Atlanta, Georgia             $70,027.00
Houston, Texas             $70,920.00
Dallas, Texas                   $72,484.00
Washington, District of Columbia    $82,518.00
San Jose, California      $95,183.00

2018 CCNA Median Salary by Experience
Years of Experience        National Salary Data
Less than 1 year                  $45,550.00
 1-4 years                             $53,458.00
 5-9 years                             $67,104.00
10-19 years                         $81,348.00
 20+ years                            $90,454.00

Finally, let’s have a look at the job titles that would be having the highest median salary. You could see from the table below that, IT Directors, Senior Network Engineers, and IT Managers have been compensated with the highest salary.

2018 CCNA Median Salary by Job Role
Job                                                          Salary
Network Engineer                            $66,063.00
Sr. Network Engineer                      $89,944.00
Network Administrator                    $56,994.00
Information Technology (IT) Manager    $78,168.00
Systems Administrator                    $59,545.00
Systems Engineer (Computer Networking/IT)    $64,513.00
Information Technology (IT) Director    $89,016.00

One particularly interesting fact which was found out in this survey was that women who were holding the CCNA were typically earning higher wages than their male counterparts, even though they would be only making up 6% of those who were holding the certification. The average salary for female CCNA holders would range from $55,166-$90,642, while the average salary of male CCNA holders felled between $53,514-$89,797.
Hence, you have seen and realized that earning the CCNA certification is considered to be quite beneficial. But as we discussed above, to earn it isn’t going to be an easy task and hence I would recommend you to get enrolled in the prep courses offered by the SPOTO Club for better results.

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