What is the Huawei HCIE R&S Lab Certification?

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HCIE R&S Lab Certification

Since one would be having an account at Huawei’s site, quite comprehensive as well as understandable information about a process that is considered to be able to find easily. Above all, there would be no specific requirements to deal with before and HCIE R&S journey becomes available:       

As to a process, it would be containing three stages with the overall price of $1500: 

Most of them are considered to be reachable via the webpage of Huawei – HCIE R&S Certificate. Talking of documentation as well as running vaguely forward the software known for every Huawei network engineer – HEDeX (Huawei Electronic Documentation Explorer) is considered to be freely available during a Lab exam, thus to be familiar with that tool is considered quite significantly increasing a chance to quickly to cope a tricky task.

Fortunately, Huawei intensely would be continuing to harden its position in Russia as well as aims the weakest part of their presence – the belief that software and hardware aren’t worth to be trusted. The source of such uncertainty would be the engineers themselves. I dare say, it is considered to be a great move that vendor C understood years ago. Engineers are those who would be easily arguing against a vendor as well as those whose arguments would be having solid weight during the decision process. Building an army of engineers as well as they would be bringing you a piece of cake for free!


As I been noticed that there would be no theoretical questions during Lab, the main focus of preparation would be taking the practical exercises, which would be able to sharpen CLI monkey skills. Once you would be able to write a whole configuration of a task or even section in a notepad the edge been crossed.

Once you would be able to finish any mock exam within 3-4 hours without any interactions with Hedex or answers, you are done with HCIE labs. I would strongly recommend spending hours on the HCIE-R&S Elite Training-Mock Lab 1&2 video course. Tens of useful display commands, as well as an understanding of how to read tasks, would be an outcome.


The HCIE lab is considered to be an 8 hours process plus up to 60 minutes break which would be available for lunch. You might reject to take lunch, but it isn’t going to add any additional time. I would be recommending taking a break as it helps to be not that exhausted at the end of the day. The countdown itself starting at 9:00 am so to be at a place a bit earlier is considered to be crucial. Proctor would be showing where the coffee rooms, as well as WC, are given a pen and a paper, switches on an air conditioner if you would be required as well as makes all others move to enhance your presence.

Hence, if you wish to have the HCIE Routing and Switching Certification, you will have to clear the HCIE R&S Lab Exam, and for that, you are required to have lots of practical knowledge. For that, I would recommend you to gain the study dumps which are being offered at the SPOTO.

To sum it up, the Huawei Certification would be proposed free vouchers for any exam, which would be including labs as well as interviews, for selected partners. Hard to believe, but I wouldn’t excited to take a free seat as well as delayed the real preparation for a few months. Thus, if you would be preparing for the HCIE R&S Certification, you should gain a good and reliable study dumps, which are being offered at the SPOTO.

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