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The Value of an AWS Certification

Why pursue AWS certifications?

AWS credentials have a variety of advantages, but for many people, the actual value is clear: they help you advance in your career and get better employment and higher salaries. Of course, certificates by themselves could not get you your ideal job. Certifications provide you with a thorough knowledge basis, may help you land interviews, and may sometimes help you land positions.

Certifications are landmarks as you go on the route from novice to guru, regardless of the AWS certification or professional path you choose to take. However, asking how many credentials you need to get a job in the cloud is frequently a bad idea. After all, just because you have a certification doesn't mean you've mastered those abilities, as was mentioned above (and as many people in tech will agree).

AWS certifications shouldn't be the end aim for the majority of people. AWS certifications are a means to an end. Although certifications can be used to quickly demonstrate your abilities, getting hands-on experience with the cloud is necessary to launch a successful cloud career. A new job, a promotion, or pushing oneself to develop new abilities might be the answer.

Are AWS credentials in high demand?

Since AWS continues to be the most widely used public cloud, there is a high demand for AWS certifications and cloud expertise. According to our State of Cloud report:

According to 82% of hiring managers, cloud certifications improve candidates' appeal.When evaluating applicants, 87% of hiring managers place more weight on certificates and practical experience than academic credentials.

There is a shortage of qualified AWS specialists on the market right now. Because of this, those who possess cloud expertise can command large incomes.

According to 2020 CBRE research, there has been a 12% year-over-year growth in the demand for cloud skills over the last 12 months. Additionally, it states that the typical turnover rate for workers with these talents is 42%, significantly higher than the US average for all tech skill sets and another sign of a strong labor market.

The demand for cloud-skilled individuals has been growing for years, and when you factor that in, your career possibilities have never been more substantial.

How much does an AWS certification typically pay?

The average compensation for those with an AWS certificate is above $100,000, making it one of the highest paying credentials out there.

The average salary for the associate-level AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification is $149,446.

According to LinkedIn, cloud engineers will make an average base salary of $117,668 in March 2021, while cloud computing professionals will make an average compensation of $153,500.

Best Online AWS Courses

If you want to study more about the different Amazon services in-depth or if you've made up your mind and are ready for an AWS certification exam, you may sign up for an online AWS course to launch your career in AWS.

SPOTO offers a comprehensive range of AWS training courses led by experts that hold the appropriate AWS certifications to assist you in staying competitive and up to date in your IT career. Our experts at SPOTO can aid by pointing you in the direction of the right certification programs for your goals.

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