AWS Certification Exam Tips——take Solutions Architect as an example

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1. Why take the Amazon AWS certification

The data shows that more and more companies are adopting AWS. As a result, the demand for talents with AWS expertise continues to grow. At present, Amazon AWS certification has become one of the most valuable certifications, which is a keyword frequently searched on LinkedIn.

2. AWS certification system

AWS certification system includes three categories: system architects, developers, and SysOps administrators. Each class has two levels: assistant level and professional level. For different positions, the requirements for AWS skills are additional.

Those who participate in the certification are only eligible to participate in the corresponding professional certification exams if they have obtained the assistant-level certification. In general, the assistant level is relatively easy, while the professional level is quite tricky. Because it is more complex, there are related training courses.

Through AWS official certification, on the one hand, you can get more career opportunities. On the other hand, preparing for the exam can significantly improve our skills and enhance our understanding of AWS services and cloud computing. Therefore, the preparation and work in this process are worth it.

Let us take Solutions Architect professional certification as an example to introduce the content, difficulties, and experience of test preparation.

3. The content of the exam

It can be said that the whole exam revolves around a question, that is, how to use AWS cloud computing technology to solve better the problems encountered by enterprises in various application scenarios. From the content point of view, it has the following characteristics, which also determine the gold content and threshold of the certification exam.

The content is very close to reality. The content of the exam mainly comes from the actual problems that need to be solved. It can be said that it is closely related to fact and the trend of the times.

The survey content is in-depth and extensive, and it examines the accumulation of functions and experience from many aspects. These aspects and experiences include computing, network, storage, load balancing, security, big data, CDN, DNS, deployment, middleware; This is an AWS-related service and involves comprehensive architecture design experience and understanding, which requires a lot of routine accumulation.

4. Pass the exam at multiple levels

It can be said that this exam is challenging, mainly with the following difficulties and thresholds:

4.1 AWS service understanding

The AWS services involved in the exam are extensive and extensive. The critical services that take time to master include IAM, STS, VPC, EC2, EBS, ELB, S3, storage gateway, RDS, DynamoDB, CloudFront, Route53, CloudFormation, OpsWorks, Kinesis. Things you need to know include Glacier, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, Direct Connect, Elastic Beanstalk, ElastiCache, EMR, Redshift, Data Pipeline, SWF, SNS, SES. For each service usage document, it takes at least one day to look it up carefully. Therefore, this process requires long-term preparation. To understand the critical content, IAM and VPC are top priorities. You can understand it through the test overview and simulation tests provided by AWS, adjust your investment according to the test results, and fill in the defects in all aspects. Since other parties have signed a confidentiality agreement for the exam, so far, they can only click here.

4.2 Architecture design experience

In solving the basic principles of enterprise IT system requirements and architecture design, the quality of product services is guaranteed based on product functions, namely high availability, high performance, security, reliability, flexibility, scalability, easy deployment and management, and low-performance cost Waiting. The difference is that AWS provides a flexible, on-demand programmable primary platform, which is a massive shoulder, which requires us to use AWS more efficiently, lower cost, faster speed, and more reliable way to provide and manage the enterprise. Building. IT and business systems. The most intuitive thing is that there will be many questions in the exam. This is an actual problem scenario. We need to use this general architecture design experience and AWS service knowledge to solve problems and make quick judgments.

5. Exam advice

Due to the large number of questions and extensive content involved in the examination process, the process is too lengthy, arduous, and stressful, so it is recommended:

Get ready for energy intake. One after the other, the problem is longer than the other, three hours to 80 hours, which is very energy-intensive. AWS has multiple test sites in China; you need to know the test room environment in advance. Try to choose a test site with good network conditions and a relatively quiet environment. In addition, you can also prepare a pair of earplugs yourself, just in case.

The test rhythm needs to be well controlled. For questions with confidence, you must immediately and resolutely choose the following question and make the next question without confirming it, to buy time for some questions and finally complete them (if you plan to spend each question equally), time ideal;

According to the individual's psychological quality, give up some problems appropriately. If some questions are too long and difficult to understand, please don't understand. Don't fight. Choose one first, write it down, and then look back when you have time;

It is best to be ahead of at least two or three questions during the exam, especially for students with moderate psychological quality; in implementing the last ten questions, it is easy to encounter difficulties and then scan those that are not easy to solve. If you haven't watched it yet, please record it first and then study a few more. If you want to get it right, please take more time.

6. Preparation materials 

Exam outlines and sample questions white paper are mostly the best practices of various AWS services, and a few critical services need to be focused on understanding.

Reference Architecture Diagram This section provides AWS-based reference architectures for various typical industry applications, and you need to master these architectures. ?Using documents For key service documents, it is still necessary to view. Fighting with each other is very difficult and usually requires more practice and more thinking.

Frequently Asked Questions for Various Services, I can't see many common questions in the white paper of the usage document. We need to focus on answers to frequently asked questions about some critical services. After reading the FAQs in the white paper, it isn't easy to directly take the model exam practice exam. It is recommended that you use the practice test model test sometime before the test to familiarize yourself with the characteristics, content, time, process, and rhythm of the test subject. Questions and time are half of the real exam, with 40 questions in one exam and an hour and a half. The $40 test will be a worthwhile investment. But what is even more frustrating is that after the mock test, only the total score and the score for each part are known. Therefore, it is best to prepare and discuss with each other for an uncertain answer.

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