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Information Concerning CISSP CCIE SECURITY LAB

CCIE Security Lab Exam version 5.0, is an eight-hour, a hands-on exam that will be required to the candidate to learn about how to plan, operate, implement, design, and troubleshoot complex security,  scenarios for a given specification. Knowledge of troubleshooting is important skill and candidates are predictable to analyze and solve issues as part of the CCIE lab exam.


CCIE Security Lab Exam v5.0 Materials:

The CCIE Security Lab Exam version 5.0 Materials will be consisting of three parts; they are Troubleshooting, Diagnostic and Configuration.

1. Troubleshooting would be having the three sets and every set with nine questions marks of which is about 20 scores.

2. Diagnostic would behave has five sets and every set with ten questions and it will be consisting of 10 scores.

3. The configuration has one set which is going to have about 70 scores.

Contents of the CCIE SEC v5.0 LAB:

1) Troubleshooting Module has 3 sets, i.e. TS1、TS2 and TS3

2) Diagnostic Module has 5 sets, they are, DIAG 1、DIAG 2、DIAG2+、

DIAG 2++ and DIAG 2+++

3) The configuration has 1 set, i.e. LAB1


Pre-requisite for the CISSP CCIE SECURITY LAB

In order to become certified it is best that you take a CISSP training course. However, before signing up for any course you will first need to ensure that you satisfy the pre-requirements for sitting the exam. In order to become a certified CISSP CCIE SECURITY you will need to have at least five years of experience working directly in security as it relates to two or more of the domains of (ISC)2 CISSP.

These domains include application security, operation security, access control, telecommunications and network security, cryptography, security architecture and design, risk management and information security, disaster recovery planning and information security, physical security, and regulations, legal, compliance and investigation. However, if you have a four year college degree in information security, you would only be required to have four years of experience.


The Blueprint of the CISSP CCIE SECURITY LAB Examination

In sitting your CISSP certification exam you will be required to do 250 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 6 hours to complete. In this examination you will need to receive 700 points or more in order to be certified. You should also know that you will be required to become recertified every three so times so that your credentials remain in good standing.


Who should take the CISSP CCIE SECURITY LAB course

To successfully complete the CISSP CCIE SECURITY LAB and be efficient on the job you will need to take a course that will give you both theory and practical training. Hence, this course would be great for senior and mid level managers, or persons who plan on becoming or are in the position of a CSO, CISO or senior security engineer.



SPOTO Security Lab Training provides you Comprehensive Lab Training from which you could learn within 75 days if you just practice lab materials 3 hours per day. They provide you with Tutors and services that are going to assist you along the whole preparation. Each and every module that SPOTO is going provides you with the workbooks, solutions, and videos tutorial for practicing. Even you could watch some videos first, and practice materials.


In SPOTO Lab Training, you are going to follow the following training:

Phase 1: Tutors advice you to spend first 26 days on practicing the Configuration module(LAB1)and then 10 days on the reviewing part.

Phase 2:In this phase you can access to TS1 materials after the completion of the CFG module. The materials include the videos tutorial and workbooks. It would be enough to spend the next fourteen days on the training of TS1.

Phase 3: Next phase is about the four days to practice Diagnostic module: i.e. DIAG1, DIAG2, and DIAG2+

Phase 4: After that, you will be given more Six days to practice all incidents of TS2

Phase 5: Then later comes on the Four days to practice all the incidents of TS3.

Phase 6: Your next phase is three days of practice: DIAG 2++, DIAG2+++

Phase 7: Lastly there would be seven days to review CFG Lab1, TS, DIAG and CFG.


As we have already discussed that the lab study, videos, workbooks, and solutions are going to provided by the SPOTO Club. These videos are going to strengthen the basic knowledge. The Trainers present here will show you some hands-on experiments and make a deep explanation of workbook and solution. Any doubt that the candidates are having while they are practicing, the SPOTO trainers will assist you to solve the problem you are facing. After candidates finish the practices of the specific lab materials, they can access to simulated real exam test. As and when you are successful in testing, then only the trainers will suggest you take the exam, which obviously will reduce the failure rate to the minimum. All the lab study materials which are valid and proved to be a lot of candidates pass their CCIE lab exam with ease. Experts present in here will compile their researches essence and the latest feedback into the materials of study reference to candidates. SPOTO is the one stop for the entire problem related to the Cisco Certifications.



Passing CISSP CCIE SECURITY LAB has many benefits, some of which is that the knowledge gain will bring a high level of standard to just about any institution. Having a certification in a particular field tends to provide you with more security in that area of study.

This certification will also make you more marketable when it comes to various companies, and finally, it puts you in favor of being employed as this certification speaks volume to the skills and standard that you have to offer a company.


To know more about CISSP training and sign up for a great course visit http://spoto.info/


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