How do I pass the Microsoft AZ-900 exam ?

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Recently, the IT technology field is increasingly inclined to cloud computing. This happens because of the need to share resources so that that information can be transmitted effortlessly. There is no doubt that newbies in the IT industry are now focusing on learning basic skills, either building a career in this field or acquiring skills that will help them work in non-IT-related positions. In particular, most of them use the Microsoft Azure platform for this purpose. Therefore, this article is about the Microsoft AZ-900 test. It will provide you with the basic knowledge of Azure and the benefits you can get by obtaining the relevant Microsoft certification Azure basic certification.

Details of the AZ-900 exam

This test is designed to help you master the basics of Azure. It is suitable for individuals who have no technical background and are responsible for buying or selling cloud-based solutions. In addition, anyone who wants to verify their basic knowledge of cloud technology can participate in this test.

Fortunately, the Microsoft AZ-900 VCE practice test is the only certification required to obtain the Microsoft Azure basic certification. When you have this certificate, it shows that you have a good grasp of the following areas:

Azure services, Concept of cloud service;

Security and Privacy in Azure;

Azure pricing and support.

Before taking the AZ-900 exam, you need to be prepared to face 40-60 different types of questions. Some can be displayed as build lists, active screens, best answers, multiple-choice, review screens, case studies, and short answers, and you need to submit your reply after 60 minutes. The minimum score for certification is 700 points (out of 1000 points). As a basic exam, the registration fee of AZ-900 is $99.

Now that you have some critical understanding of Microsoft certification, you should consider why you need to pass Microsoft AZ-900 Exam Dumps and obtain related Azure-based fundamental certification.

As we all know, Microsoft is the leading cloud service provider. This means that, on average, more skilled experts are required to provide the necessary Azure services. If you think that the Azure badge is not worthy of your attention, then you'd better put this idea aside! The reasons are as follows:


  • 1. Increased demand for Azure skills

Due to its scalability, reliability, and confidentiality, Microsoft's cloud technology is becoming more and more popular among many users worldwide. Both small and large companies continue to use this approach. In addition, the ease of learning and adapting to it also adds more absorption. If you can use this technology freely, your skills will always be in short supply.


  • 2. Career flexibility

Bypassing the AZ-900 exam, you can learn all aspects of the Azure space. Since most industries use cloud computing technology, the certificate you obtain will provide you with many flexible options for your career. It will connect you to various entry-level job roles, such as junior application developers or Azure sales specialists.


  • 3. Attractive salary

Most professionals find it attractive to work in positions that can bring them high salaries. Compared with others in different technical fields, cloud computing experts have a better chance of getting more attractive salaries. This is because once they obtain the Microsoft Azure certification, they will get more recognition. This is even true for entry-level experts who sell Azure products and solutions to customers. ZipRecruiter gives them a starting salary of $20,000. However, please note that compensation depends on your qualifications and experience level. The more certificates and experience you have, the more income you will earn.


  • 4. Demonstrated the promise

In preparing for the AZ-900 exam, you must pass rigorous study, which shows how determined you are. You are willing to give everything to achieve your goals, and improving your career will be visible. Employers appreciate this quality. This will come in handy when you are looking for a job or attending a job interview.


  • 5. Better development opportunities

Microsoft has various Azure certifications. By starting with a basic level of Azure badge, you will be able to pursue higher credentials quickly. This will open more doors for your career development because you will now enter more senior positions such as Azure Architect and Azure Developer.


Passing AZ-900 will brought these benefits. Now you can focus on using exam dump to prepare for it effectively. This is what we will discuss next.


How to improve AZ-900 preparation and test dump?

Understanding the specific details of the AZ-900 exam requires you to practice past test papers or questions. To access them in the form of exam dumps, you can check out reliable online platforms, such as, explicitly designed for candidates, to test their readiness for IT assessments.


When you browse their page, you will notice some free AZ-900 VCE files. You can start your exercises as long as you want these dumps. Another thing you will see on the website is the AZ-900 Premium Bundle, an expert-verified exam dump containing 186 questions and answers, a training course, 21 videos, and 425 pages Study guide. This premium package only costs you $39.97, which is a fair price if you consider what you will get from it. Also, it must be pointed out that these dumps can only be opened by a special educational tool, namely VCE Player. With it, you will familiarize yourself with the basic AZ-900 format and build your confidence.


Finally, the discussion in this article about the details, benefits, and preparation of the Microsoft AZ-900 exam is intended to help you decide whether to take this exam. As Azure technology and skills demand rises, you will be pleased that you have taken a step towards obtaining Microsoft Azure Foundation Certification. So, please make sure that your cloud computing business has new advantages today! It is beneficial to start your career in the right way. Make sure to use the reliable exam dump provided by to improve your exam preparation and get thriving grades.


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