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Information on the Cisco CCIE Certification You Need to Know

The most complex and well-known Cisco certification, CCIE, will help you advance your career.

Every type of business, from minor to huge, depends on computer networking solutions. Improving and maintaining computer networks requires networking experts who can design novel, innovative solutions. Obtaining industry certifications to demonstrate your knowledge of networking solutions is one of the most acceptable methods to enhance your networking career in the rapidly growing technology-driven sector.

The CCIE credential

Your expertise in advanced networking concepts as a specialized expert in wireless, enterprise infrastructure, collaboration, data center, automation, and security is validated by the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification. Your proficiency in creating, installing, managing, and troubleshooting networking infrastructures is demonstrated.

Although there are no formal requirements, senior networking experts with at least five to seven years of experience are advised to take the CCIE certification examinations.

What are the benefits of choosing the CCIE certification?

1. Safe career: There is an ongoing need for network specialists. They are of great significance to IT organizations since they help construct a highly secure network because even a minor disruption in the organization's network infrastructure can cause significant losses.

2. Numerous employment options: Earning a CCIE certification broadens your employment options. Senior Network Support Specialist, Senior Security Engineer, Principal Network Architect, Network Administrator, and Senior Network Engineer are just a few of the positions you can anticipate.

3. Compensation growth: The highest-paying qualification in PayScale's database, the CCIE, commands an annual average salary of US$ 127,000 for networking professionals.

4. Mounting scope of CCIE: New networking gadgets have emerged due to technology's rapid advancement, and the demand for a highly secure network infrastructure has expanded. The need for CCIE-certified workers grows as a result of this progression.

Exams and concentrations for the CCIE certification path

A written test and a lab exam are both required for CCIE certification.

The written exams can be taken in person or online for US$400. About 120 minutes are allotted for the test. Except for the CCIE Security certification, also available in Japanese, the exam is currently exclusively provided in English.

The lab exam must be taken in a testing facility. It isn't easy because it lasts for eight hours. The price for each attempt is US$ 1600. Within three years of passing the written exam, CCIE candidates must apply for the lab examinations.

Revalidation and validity

Three years are the duration of CCIE certifications. The recertification policy is as follows:

You must complete the recertification process for the first time within the first six months. Your certification will be valid for an additional three years.

You will have a year to become recertified if you are doing so for the second time. The certification's expiration date will be increased by three years.

Courses to Consider

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