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Question types in the Cisco Certification exam

Before taking the Cisco certification tests, candidates must complete extensive training and preparation. The pupils must become comfortable with both the testing set and the types of questions. He should have enough study material to ensure that nothing on the exam paper surprises him when he first sees it. He ought to know how long the exam will go and how much time he can devote to each question or if we look broadly at each part. The most accurate information on anything relating to a Cisco exam may be found from the SPOTO.

Question types on the Cisco certification exam:

In the Cisco certification test, there are often seven different question types, which are as follows:

1. Single-answer multiple choice questions are perhaps the most straightforward part of any Cisco certification test. In this portion, there are multiple questions for the candidates to answer. Each question has 4-5 options. However, there is only one correct response. The student must select one choice.

2. Multiple choice, multiple answers — The multiple choice questions have four to five possibilities. Still, in this instance, the correct answer will have more than one option from which to select.

3. Drag and Drop – To create a logical sequence, you must drag a box and drop it into the appropriate spot on the exam paper in the drag and drop section. Additionally, creating a network model using drag and drop may be required of the students under this subject.

4. Fill in the blanks — As the name implies, the students must choose the best word to complete each blank. Because it is not a particularly common sort of Cisco query, it doesn't always appear in the Cisco paper.

5. Simulation – The Cisco exam's simulation component is arguably the most difficult. Following the guidelines, you must set up several Cisco devices in this part. The Networkers Guru training facility suggests that students practice these simulation problems using simulator software, also employed by many IT specialists. Additionally, this phase consumes most of your time. Make sure you study thoroughly before the test and don't spend too much time on this portion.

6. Testlet – You are given a specific setup or network architecture in the Testlet part and must respond to questions based on it.

7. Simlet – The questions in the Simlet section of the Cisco certification test primarily combine Testlet and Simlet. Similar to the Simulation section, this section is quite complex and should be rehearsed extensively before the exam. Additionally, be careful not to spend too much time on this part. Since you cannot return to this part and amend your response, your response should be considered final.


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