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Cisco CCNP Data Center Exam Dumps

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Why choose SPOTO?

· 100% Cover Real Exam

SPOTO CCIE dumps, compiled by SPOTO CCIE Instructors, cover all exam topics that you need to prepare the exam. Dumps simulate the difficulty and variety of question types on the real exam, therefore, if you pass dumps test, you will know you are ready to pass the real exam.

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SPOTO dedicates to offer accurate exam materials for candidates to prepare & pass the exam at first attempt. All SPOTO dumps with accurate & valid questions, and answers are verified by experts.

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If you never attend the Cisco exam before, practice dump with simulated real exam environment will be important for you to quickly adapt to the exam, moreover, VCE format dump will strengthen your memory about exam questions & answers.


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You can get the latest exam feedback on our website, consultants, and SNS platform. For VIP members, we will inform you at the first time when the exam & dump are updating.

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1. Can I pass the exam with SPOTO dumps only?

Sure. SPOTO dumps are compiled by experienced experts after an in-depth study of real exams and thousands of practice tests. They provide a 100% pass guarantee.


2. How Can I practice Dump?

You could practice questions and answer Data Center of VCE dump on a remote server also you could view questions and answer Data Center of PDF dump on your PC.


3. How often are SPOTO dumps updated?

SPOTO dumps are updated on a regular basis whenever Questions are changed. So, it is sure that you always have fully updated dumps.


4. What's the CCNP Data Center Prerequisites?

Valid CCNA Data Center certification or any CCIE certification.


5. Where can I get the latest CCNP Data Center dumps?

You can easily prepare and get the CCNP Data Center exam because SPOTO offers valid and actual material which is verified, authentic and related to the exam. Our question and answer Data Center always looking top of the list because giving many types of benefits.

We assure you that we are providing authentic questions to all our respectable students with the best and most updated CCNP Data Center dumps. SPOTO guarantees a 100% pass rate.


6. How to use a remote rack?

you use the software of CRT to login. We have a tutorial to show you how to use it.

there is no requirement for PC performance when remote access rack.

You can schedule your practice time on our schedule system, it is 4 hours per session. you can schedule the practice time of next week on Friday.


7. How to open workbook and solution?

All of the workbook and solution are encrypted documents,it only allow one pc to open it. We will send a guide to tell you how to open the workbook and solution.

It supports windows operating system and Mac operating system


8. How to pass exam with SPOTO dumps?

CCNP Data Center Exam Information:

Exam Duration: 90 minutes

Exam Question Type: Choice, Drag and Drop, Experiment.

Prerequisites: Valid CCNA Data Center certification or any CCIE certification

Require Exam:

   -  300-175 DCUCI Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCI)

   -  300-165 DCII Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCII)

   -  300-170 DCVAI Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation (DCVAI)

   -  300-160 DCID Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCID)   OR    300-180 DCIT Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCIT)


How Long to Pass CCNP Data Center Exam?

What’s SPOTO Secret of Helping Candidates Pass Exam at 1st Attempt?

· 100% Accurate Questions

· Real Exam Environment

· VIP Service Team Support

· Average 5 Days to Practice & Pass

· Update Timely

· 100% Cover Real Exam

· Latest Exam Feedback

· 7/24 Online Technical Support

· Average14 CCNP Pass Everyday

· 16 Years of IT training Experience


CCNP Data Center Exam after Feb 24, 2020

Candidate can get CCNP Data Center certification after passing core exam and one concentration exam

Core Exam

300-601 DCCOR Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR)

Concentration exams (choose one)

300-610 DCID                Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCID)

300-615 DCIT                Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCIT)

300-620 DCACI              Configuring Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches in ACI Mode (DACA9K)

300-625 DCSAN            Configuring Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches (DCMDS)

300-635 DCAUTO         Implementing Automation for Cisco Data Center Solutions (DCAUI)

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