How to Become AWS Solution Architect?

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  •   Posted on: 2021-03-23
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We all know about the Amazon Web Services (AWS) being the real deal in the cloud computing arena. In fact, AWS is considered to be the justified leader in the cloud space thanks to its amazing server capacity as well as the robust security and scalability it brings to the companies that utilize it.


How to become an AWS Solutions Architect?


Here are the steps of becoming an AWS Solutions Architect:


1. Enroll in an appropriate Training Platform

Enrolling in training platform such as the SPOTO AWS Training, is one thing you couldn’t ignore if you desire on becoming a skilled AWS Solutions Architect. There would be tons of platforms you could join as well as take your AWS certification course. However, if you wish to gain the best knowledge and skills by obtaining the certification exams, it is considered to be highly recommended that you join a high-quality training program. An ideal training platform won’t only prepare you for exams, but it would be also able to give you the job-ready skills you require to stand out from the competition.


2. Clearing the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Level Exam

Every effort you would be making while taking your training should be geared towards helping you clear the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Level Exam because you won’t become a certified AWS Solutions Architect without it. This exam is considered to be very much critical as well as speaks volumes about you and what you could do once you begin applying for AWS Solutions Architect jobs. Clearing the exam would reflect your knowledge and understanding of AWS Cloud Architecture – and it would also increase your chances of obtaining your dream job in the company of your choice.


3. Adopt Solutions Architect Projects

For most people, the next thing to do after clearing the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Level exam would be to apply for jobs. However, it is considered to be highly advisable for working on diverse industry projects before you do so. This way, you would be able to apply as well as test your understanding and gain the confidence you require to face the job market. If you aren’t able to do this in your current role, look for opportunities to create or volunteer your own projects to showcase to potential employers.


Do you require to Code to obtain a job as an AWS Architect?

Now that you could understand, what skills you are going to require for becoming an AWS Solutions Architect, one of the overarching questions in your mind would be whether you would be requiring learning coding to land a job as an AWS Solutions Architect. Well, for a fact, coding and programming aren’t prerequisite requirements for becoming an AWS Solutions Architect. Nevertheless, having some knowledge of at least one language could go a long way in ensuring you for solving technical challenges that come when deploying and developing apps to the cloud. Therefore, learning to code even though it isn’t considered to be mandatory!


So, if you wish to ensure success your become AWS Solution Architect, you must have to acquire the AWS Solution Architect Certification and for that the best preparation resources would be the SPOTO AWS Solution Architect Exam Dumps.



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