Is AWS Easy To Learn?

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Learning AWS could seem quick and comfortable, but it might take as little as a few days up to a few months. But, the exact time it’ll take you to learn AWS depends on your experience. So that would give you a rough idea of how long you could expect to learn the AWS. But exactly how easy AWS is to know depends on your experience.

4 Factors Which Might Affect The Time To Learn AWS

The factors affecting how long it would take to learn AWS are your experience, how you would have structured your learning, how much you are required to know, and your support network. But how much would these factors affect how easy it would be to learn AWS?

1. Your Past Experience

One and possibly the most obvious factor which affects how long it is going to take to learn AWS is your experience. If you have already worked with similar technologies, like in systems administration or with other hosting and cloud services, AWS might be slightly more comfortable for you to learn.

However, no experience, specialist knowledge, or programming experience would be required to learn AWS.

2. How You Have Structured Your AWS Learning?

The second significant factor that will affect the time it would take you to learn AWS would be how you would have structured your learning. Many newcomers to AWS choose to utilize the AWS certification programs as a way to structure their learning. AWS has published a series of various certifications, and each would be targeting different career paths.

At the same time, you might not be interested in taking or paying for certification, and you could leverage the structure of these courses to help you make AWS easier to learn. The method would be following a tiered system. Beginning at the most basic level: Cloud Practitioner and working their way up through the associate level certifications and ended with professional certifications. You could take a look at the different courses and see which learning path would be suitable for you.

3. How Much You Would Require To Know About AWS?

Another factor affecting how long it would be to learn AWS is how much you would require knowing. Like cloud engineers, some roles would be necessary to know more than others utilizing it in a less complicated manner, like admin uploading resources and reports into S3.

4. Your Support Network

There’s no denial about this fact: learning with others makes life easier. When it would be coming to learning AWS, if you could join a group of people, find some friends, or take part in a community, that would help both your motivation and success. If you were choosing to learn with a platform like the SPOTO, there would be numerous forums you could join to ask questions and learn more about AWS.

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