Exclusive benefits. Latest CCIE RS LAB Feedback

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Exclusive benefits. Latest CCIE RS LAB Feedback


You need to pass the CCIE written test before taking the CCIE LAB exam.




Q1: SW400/SW401 deletes access 10, 20. The address lease on the R40.


Q2: The E1/2 port of SW111 is configured with the cost value and can be deleted.


Q3: The configuration of the loopback ospf of the R22 is incorrect, causing BGP to fail and correct. The route-map, igp and in which R12/R13/R22/R23 is called is very confusing. According to his calling method, all corrections can be made.


Q4: This question is not the same as the practice. He started trac from server2. The solution is the same as the practice. In R21, he calls the route-map that he has configured.


Q5: This question is the same as the practice. The R60's tunnel0 port mask is changed to 24 bits.


Q6: R111 announces vlan2001 into ipv6 ospf.


Q7: The mpls neighbors of R5 and R1 are not established. Correct the ospf configuration of e0/1 of R5. The ospf of R10 calls dis ospf ex 19 and is corrected to dis ospf ex 201 (the other 65001 areas have ospf configured 201, so I also keep up)


Q8: Delete the lease on R30, add ip arp inspection trust under sw300/301 vlan, delete vlan of ospf pass in sw300/301 (otherwise user3 can trac to, but ping fails)


Q9: The tunnel0 port of the R71 is set to point to multipoint.


Q10: The NAT configuration of R25 is correct. NAT on R24 does not add out address location is also wrong, delete and rewrite.


Regarding the TS's emphasis, I must test several times. I finished it at the first time, it was very smooth. I feel very happy but I found the problem after the second test:1: Q1: User4 ping can pass, trac to the gateway will not move. After a while it can be and will not work for a while. Delete pass vlan does not work.2: Q3: There is no problem in routing on both sides and the last few jumps do not match the phenomenon.I haven’t made these two minor problems in the end so everyone should pay attention.




 The DIAG 2 test site gives a lot of information, look at the R2, R3 routing table


Q1: Look at the routing table of the second question which is obviously LAB2, and fill it in according to the solution given by SPOTO CLUB. The last question is the capture file number. Several capture numbers must be remembered


Q2: This question is not as good as SPOTO CLUB. It is necessary to remember the solution of SPOTO CLUB. (There are a lot of disturbances.) I am afraid that I am here but I am losing money.



CFG: LAB3 (all old problems)


There will be a lot of information about neighbors, vlan, and EC in front of the demand.


1, vlan information, port. According to the information before the solution is fully equipped. (Self-feeling this part of the inspection is more time-consuming. Just knock it out according to the demand because of not too much time) The time is definitely enough but also give yourself time to check


2,SW300/SW301 spanning-tree mst si pvst global


3, About EC 65003, 65004 and the solution is the same. The 65005 area is opposite to the practice, the brush equipment should be clarified


4, BGP, ospf router id must be completed, 65004, 65005 areas are basically not configured so remember to complete.


5,65001 area, ospf configuration is basically right but also full. SW100, SW101 does not declare loopback 1 and remember to make up


6, DMVPN area, about ipsec that  R14 is no VRF, R60, R51 is with VRF and remember to figure out


7, MPLS area. There is interface leakage MPLS ip so remember to make up. Look at the phenomenon map is ipv4 + vpnv4 neighbors that must look at the phenomenon and needs. This area loopback is not the same as practice so you need to pay more attention.


8, R71 has a 10.7/16 route with a map grab which can correct his map mask length. I want to hurry so I wrote it  by myself according to the practice and solved it simply and rudely. The static route on the R24 cannot be forgotten.


9, see the rate of the address rental period NO off


10, The time to eat at noon is the most tired,and generally the most important stage of config that must be spirited.


11, Sections 4 and 5 are completely in accordance with the SPOTO CLUB solution and there is no problem.


12, Multicast this, I pumped SW100 sh ip pim rpm aping phenomenon neither loopback1 nor e0/2 port. So I didn't knock the sentence directly. Then, I check the phenomenon and found that it was exactly the same as the demand  that I was very happy. After going back and forth to find out which is unreasonable, I thought it was the examiner TR me so I checked the configuration and found that there was nothing wrong with it.


I still wondered if he wrote me acl. It was a bit flustered and it was arranged for an hour and a half. I feel that because this part I failed. However, when there was not much time left, I configured ip pim send-rp-di lo1 sc 255 . The phenomenon is coming out!


Finally, I saved all the devices three times! End!


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