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Feedback! My CCIE DC Written and Lab Exam Experience

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  •   Posted on: 2019-07-13
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I purchased SPOTO CCIE DC 400-151 exam in April, as the start of my first CCIE exam. Previously, my network technology is based on the CCNP routing and switching levels. My new technologies on the Cisco data center direction of great interest. I heard some of the technical report, and a brief look at some of the nexus 1000v structure.
Therefore we can say, chunks of content for CCIE Data Center involved (data center network, storage networking, unified computing), it is almost a starting point. Last June, I stayed at home for almost 20 days. During this time, I watched SPOTO CCIE DC Lab instructional videos, including UCS, vSphere, Nexus, and storage networking;

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CCIE DC 400-151 Written Exam
After this experience, I have a preliminary understanding of the content of UCS and Nexus content. My service profile, stateless computing, interested FEX, FabricPath, vPC, OTV, etc., but also look for the Cisco official PPT and PDF. Come and add things you want to see it.
However, due to the limitations of its own foundation, the two parts storage and storage networks is still poorly understood. Over the next five months, due to the place of work, I can use at home SPOTO learning materials. I think the key is to learn DC resources:
1. Report video about DC in Cisco Connect meeting.
2.SPOTO provide rack exercises.
3. The report describes the Cisco Live conference. PEC lab exercises very valuable. I suggest you pay more attention to it. There are also experiments on the storage network.

CCIE DC 400-151 Lab exam
Since May this year, I began to slowly start study CCIE DC lab, mainly about the following three stages.
The first stage is familiar with the CCIE DC lab versions of content and information. I read it again version of the video (which is definitely not enough time, but my time is limited), then SPOTO teacher deliberately arranged for a local gay when planning my experiment. In front of me, let me see how it will use the lab environment.
The second stage is a natural lab CCIE DC version of the workbook exercises. At this stage, I knocked a total of more than a dozen experiments are not familiar with the first three or four times only half-finished. In the meantime, you need to figure out and master the principles of video viewing system status method.
My favorite is wrong. On the one hand, it helps me deepen their understanding of the principles, on the other hand, I also gained experience to solve the problem. In fact, the situation is also true. Since the foundation is weak, I made a lot of stupid mistake in practice, correcting errors and I also made a quick progress. In the process, if you encounter a problem, you can talk to the teacher. It is also important to emphasize that the best read and understand the requirements. Only the requirements associated with the solution, in order to better understand the rationality of the right solutions.
The third stage is the final stage. At this stage there are about three CCIE DC lab exercises. In addition to the maturity of the goal, this time more concerned about the failure may face exclusion point. On the one hand, to do some targeted exercises based on past exams.
On the other hand, after configure each part, I will take a moment to review this section could face failure problems, and the corresponding response excluded. Teachers will guide before the exam alone, to help you review each section, and alert you to problems that need attention. This is more like a pre-test counseling. When finished, you will feel that you have considerable confidence.

As long field test in accordance with the guidelines, it will be no problem, especially in the examination room. It took me nearly three hours to complete the entire lab, and then again and again to check. I went through three rounds, found two problems.
CCIE DC from scratch to review the written and lab exam process, I think the biggest help to me was: SPOTO CCIE DC LAB exam and learning materials, PEC online experiments. Pass the exam only a starting point in the future have a lot to learn! Wish you all the best!


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