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What is a CCIE salary? Is CCIE worth it?

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  •   Posted on: 2019-04-25
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Is CCIE worth it?

The person who asked this question I feel is nothing more than two key issues:
Can you raise income with Internetwork Expert CCIE Certifications?

Is there any help and development with network industry?

Question 1: 
The salary increase is certain, but the value and price may not have a certain contrast.
In an industry full of market competition such as network infrastructure, is this certificate important or work experience important? 

Is the importance of a piece of paper important or problem-solving important? 
Does the boss give you a salary based on the professional level or job contribution?

A commodity, the degree of scarcity must be linked to its current price (note that I am saying that price is not value), in China, the construction of network technology facilities has become saturated and there are more people holding CCIE certificates. The ratio of real price to real value will of course fall.
CCIE is still a benchmark qualification for the network engineer industry. The reason for the cooling in China is because the Chinese exam ability is too strong and there are a lot of institutions to help you to cheat, I will not name it. Various training institutions, various configuration practices, various essays, this is also the root cause of the soaring number of Paper IE in China. Students who have not graduated from a university, pay a training institution, directly double or triple CCIE passed. The corporate interviewer casually asked the actual technical problems immediately. This is one of the reasons why the attention of various Chinese companies (including foreign companies in China) has dropped the importance of CCIE certificates (and one of the reasons why CCIE is becoming less and less valuable)

Question 2: 
The network infrastructure is a must for the Internet. Does it mean if you have the CCIE's ability then you will have a position in this industry?
No matter what you want to do is network infrastructure (operator), value-added service (BAT) or even find a state-owned enterprise to act as network management, you can see the skills represented by this certificate and have a lot of use in China.

Any professional knowledge and skills have a so-called (shelf life) think about the status of people who have a driver's license to open a liberation car during the Cultural Revolution, now? CCIE certificate or the network technical skills and knowledge he represents, my opinion is that at least 20 years out of date, 20 years later, those who have the determination to pass the CCIE exam, this spirit and learning ability will not make themselves outdated.

China's rapid development is rare in the world. The saturation of the network infrastructure industry in China does not mean that it is saturated globally. At the same time, as long as the Internet exists, even if Cisco declines, it will be replaced by Huawei. This paper of CCIE can at least partially represent your ability to solve problems. Your ability and value cannot be denied or denied.
In recent years, I have traveled to many countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central America, and South America. I have come up with business cards. As long as the other party is an insider, I see CCIE immediately respected and become a god. (Afro brothers in Africa are true worship, transferred me to meet with the Minister of Telecommunications directly). The Belt and Road Initiative will not lack the position of network technology experts in the process of China's rise, nor will it lack your upside.

In the job market, the determination of the salary level is not only networking certifications but also professional ability, work experience, and hard power. The second is the ability to solve problems, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and soft power. After you have passed the CCIE exam, you will understand that I have worked hard and will definitely gain something. When CCIE is passed, you will not only obtain the certificate but also the recognition of your efforts in the past six months. When you prepare for CCIE at the time, in fact, you have become CCIE, when you obtained CCIE, you must forget that you are CCIE, you have to continue to learn.

CCIE Average Salary


Average Salary for Technical Certification: Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) $122K


  • Currency: USD
  • Updated: 20 Apr 2019
  • Individuals Reporting: 1,014

Key Stats for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)


3 %
97 %
$64,111 - $128,402
$78,933 - $144,276

Job Satisfaction

Extremely satisfied
Rated 5 out of 5
based on 175 votes.



Less than 1 year
1-4 years
5-9 years
10-19 years
20 years or more

$81,823 - $144,243
$82,430 - $143,896
$63,626 - $172,134
$91,373 - $147,717
$58,723 - $152,340
$95,865 - $156,689
$93,970 - $162,426
$68,185 - $143,886
$77,371 - $135,661


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