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Can I Take the ITIL Exam without Training?

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  •   Posted on: 2020-09-29
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You have to admit that the ITIL Foundation Exam isn’t considered difficult, but if you plan it to do without utilizing the Training Courses, you could end up in failure. But if you go with proper study and revision, Aspirants would pass the exam for the first time if you have opted for 100% real and valid exam dumps, like the SPOTO ITIL Exam Dumps.

Here are a few tips which you could utilize for achieving success in achieving the same.

Think as working with ITIL

Just like any other professional exams, while writing the ITIL Foundation Certification Exam, you are required not only the base on your everyday experiences practicing ITIL in your organization because there are going to be lots of variations and adaptations from those practices outlined in the ITIL books, which would be perfectly okay in a real-world way but no so in the exam.

Make the best utilization of mock exams.

There would be one mock exam provided on the website of the official ITIL Certification website. The difficulty of the sample paper is considered to be on par with the real exam paper. There would also be tons of so-called free sample exam papers to be found online. Still, the quality would be questionable beware many of these are considered to be based on the ITIL v3 version and not on the current ITIV v3 Foundation 2011 version.

Go through the exam questions carefully.

Be assured that the exam isn’t especially tricky, but it is always good to read the questions carefully word by word to not miss any problems out of carelessness. This would be most applicable for those Aspirants taking the exam on the computer as they aren’t allowed to highlight or circle any keywords in the questions.

Utilize online courses and taking the ITIL Exam online

If you refrain from knowing, the ITIL Foundation Exam could be taken online through a proctored environment. It would be just like taking the exam inside an exam center; the only exception would be that you could choose where to sit your exam. An exam proctor would be taking hold of your computer and guide you through your exam process. Additionally, there are going to be many online ITIL Foundation training courses available on the market. One would be able to access the course videos and learning materials immediately after purchasing without having to wait for the beginning of classroom lectures.

Thinking about saving in terms of transit and waiting time

Some Aspirants have reported that they could begin their studies and gain the certification over the weekend with online training and the exam. Usually, online courses for the ITIL Foundation level could be completed with 20 to 30 hours of studies. And it is considered highly advisable for choosing only accredited courses as the quality and correctness of the content could be guaranteed, like the SPOTO ITIL Exam Dumps.

These are considered the most important tips I would have learned from my ITIL Foundation Certification preparation and exam-taking experiences. Hope Aspirants could utilize these tips in their exam preparation for helping them save a little time and headaches.

So, now you have acquired the knowledge regarding the ITIL Exam and what you will require for becoming one. If you wish to achieve this with fewer efforts possible, you should check out the SPOTO ITIL Exam Dumps to achieve success in the very first attempt.


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