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CCNP Interview Questions in 2020

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  •   Posted on: 2020-12-15
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These are the questions that are frequently asked in the CCNP Interview Questions with answers. We would hope these CCNP interview questions and answers are resourceful and would help you out for gaining the best job in the networking industry.

This CCNP interview questions and answers are prepared by CCNP Professionals based on the expectation of the MNC Companies. If you wish to gain more such problems, you must obtain the SPOTO CCNP Dumps to ensure success.

Here are some of the CCNP Interview Questions in 2020:

1) Explain the purpose of a default route?

If there would be no specific entry in the destination's routing table, then a default route would be utilized.

2) Explain why telephone numbers and postal addresses are routable?

  • Postal address: It would be having three components as City, state, and the street that would be utilized for delivering mail. A mail could be delivered to the next post office, which would be based on only the City, state, and street information.
  • Telephone number: It would be an area code and exchange. It would be delivered at the core layer based on the area code.

3) Distinguish between routing and switching?

  • Routing: It would move a telephone call or letter to the access layer.
  • Switching: The final delivery would be made by switching, and the switching decision is made on the part of the address that isn't utilized in routing.

4) In route summarization, what does the term hiding information mean?

  • Postal system: In the postal system, the core layer is considered the only information required for making a routing decision in the state or city information.
  • We could observe some specific street numbers and names hidden because the core layer doesn't require them.
  • Telephone system: In a telephone system, at the core layer, the area code would be utilized to make the routing decision. The last four digits of the phone numbers are considered hidden because the core layer wouldn't require them.

5) What would be access, distribution as well as core components in the postal address?

In postal address:

  • Street number and name are considered to be the components of the access layer.
  • The city name would be considered as the component of the distribution layer.
  • The state name would be considered as the component of the core layer.

6) Explain the differences between the Classful and classless protocol?

· Classful: Classful routing protocols don't advertise the subnet mask information. For the Classful protocol, the subnets being utilized must be of the same length as the significant network number. It couldn't support discontinuous network prefixes.

· Classless: The protocol of Classless routing advertising is considered the subnet mask information and the network prefixes.

7) What types of routes are allowed in NSSA?

The types of routes which would be allowed in the NSSA area:

  • OSPF intra-area, inter-area routes as well as also a default route.
  • The External routes from ASBRs would be converted to N1 and N2 routes.

External routes from ABRs would be blocked.

8) What are the types of OSPF?

There are three types of OSPF, and they would be:

  • ABR
  • Internal router
  • ASBR

These were some of the CCNP Interview questions asked frequently in the year 2020. If you wish to have more questions, you must opt for the CCNP Practice Exams offered by the SPOTO CCNP Exam Dumps to achieve sure-shot success.


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