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Cisco CCNA 200-301 guide

  •   Posted on: 2023-02-28
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Cisco CCNA 200-301 guide

To take the exam one must pay the fee (i.e. USD 300). The exam fee, which is USD 300, must be paid before the exam date can be announced. For certification, you must score at least 82.5% (or 825 out of 1000) on the 120-question exam. You can choose between English and Japanese for the exam. The exam can also be conducted online or at a location near you.

SPOTO CCNA Certification Course Training

There are many online and offline training options available for the SPOTO CCNA Certification Course. They are both certified and authentic. Because of the busy lifestyle, students and people prefer to learn online, even though it's convenient. SPOTO is one of the most popular online training platforms.

SPOTO CCNA Prep - Why?

SPOTO is a well-known platform that offers online training. SPOTO offers the best online training platform with zero downtime. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The trainers are engineers and provide full placement assistance for the candidates.

Students who enroll learn a lot about their personalities. They prepare them for future challenges and help to make them the best in their field.

SPOTO supports students to-

  • Learn all about IT (networking, security, programming, and automation)
  • Confidence is key
  • Be noticed and make a name for yourself in the IT industry
  • Becoming an IT professional
  • Excel in Cisco solution administration
  • Learn about the technical capabilities of the IT industry
  • IT skills and expertise:

Cisco CCNA Certification Course Curriculum

SPOTO members are then trained using the following curriculum-

Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching

This book also covers topics such as network operating system configuration, network application, and transport layering. Network protocols and communications. IP addressing. Network accessing.

Network Fundamentals

It covers topics such as network technology architectures and interface and cable issues. Configuring and verifying subnetting, and IPv4 and IPv6 address verification are some of the topics covered.

Network Access

It covers topics such as VLAN configuration and verification, inter-switch connectivity, and layer 2 discovery protocols. There are also ether channels, Cisco Wireless Architecture, and AP modes.

Routing and switching protocols

It covers topics such as ethernet, network access, and subnetting IP networks.

Wireless Access Point

It covers topics such as increasing productivity, reducing infrastructure costs, and wireless networks.

Internet Protocol Service

It covers topics such as network protocols, socket programming, and IP routing.

Automatization and Programmability

This book covers topics such as network management, control-based and traditional networking, controller-based architecture, software-defined architecture, REST-based APIs, and Cisco DNA center-enabled device management.

After Cisco CCNA Certification, Salary Packages

After a candidate has received his/her Cisco CCNA certification, he/she will be preferred by large IT companies to start his/her career. These candidates are offered a salary package ranging from 2.5 LPA to 8. LPA, depending on their experience.

What if the exam isn't passed?

Learning and trying are the essence of life. You must never give up and keep trying. The Cisco CCNA Certification exam can be difficult and some candidates may not pass it on their first try. Candidates like these candidates can take the exam multiple times if they wish.

Although the exam fee can be a little expensive, once you pass the exam, it is well worth it. You must not lose heart and work hard to pass the exam.

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