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Five Rumors about CCIE Lab Exam

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  •   Posted on: 2019-04-15
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Proverb 1: CCIE lab exam is no way to pass at first attempt!
Many people are often unqualified when they take their CCIE lab exam at first try, but it doesn't mean that it's impossible to pass the CCIE Lab exam at first attempt. According to Cisco says that candidates pass cisco exam pass rate is about 30%, lab exam with lower pass rate, which means that CCIE Lab exam do difficult to pass, which requires that candidates with relevant work experience and study Cisco technology timely for it updating from time to time.

However use SPOTO CCIE Lab materials will be a good choice, or join SPOTO and study with network engineers worldwide also be a smart choice. Get the latest and complete CCIE Lab workbooks, solutions and exam environment to practice lab. If you are confused about lab, you can watch the tutorial videos or ask for instructors' help.

Moreover SPOTO CCIE Club members will be along with you to prepare & pass you exam. What you can obtain, under SPOTO support, not only pass the exam, but also make more talent friends here, get more job opportunities, and advance your own career.

Proverb 2: You must learn all Cisco books to pass CCIE certification
There is no one-size-fits-all approach to obtaining CCIE certification. The statement that "there is only one best method" is the most undesirable. Everyone has a different approach to learning. Some students may prefer to use textbooks; others may prefer to use videos training, or a combination of the two. Everyone has his own learning methods. 
Expert Tip: It is highly recommended that all students who want to be certified practice as much as possible in order to gain experience. So don't be afraid of the lab, you can use the network simulation platform such as Cisco VIRL to learn, or use SPOTO IOU to practice lab.

Proverb 3: CCIE with less value to take
Although there are more CCIE-certified professionals, this does not diminish the value of CCIE certification. In fact, its value has increased. Imagine if you are qualified for CCIE routing and exchange certification, you will also have the title of senior network engineer, network engineer, network architect, solution architect, senior system engineer and manager. You must recognize the importance of the titles "Advanced" and "Manager."
Another indicator that can prove the value of CCIE is your salary. If you get certified, you can make a higher salary in the IT market. According to, an employee with a CCIE routing and exchange certification can earn between $60048 and $168,860 per year, depending more on his/her work experience.

Proverbs 4: It waste time to pursue CCIE certification.
For most guys, it takes a certain amount of perseverance to spend 500 to 700 hours in the lab. Only those who have a strong desire to pass the exam can stick to it, but this does not prevent them from taking time to accompany their families. friend. It's important to have a schedule that suits you. It should include rewarding yourself with the time to complete your training goals, such as watching a movie or going to a coffee shop. 

As matter of fact, there is a way to save time to practice your lab and pass easily




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