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How about the Cisco CCNP Exam Fee?

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  •   Posted on: 2020-11-26
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Many of the skills would be validated by the CCNP Enterprise and considered resourceful in real-world enterprise network environments. For instance, network engineers could be able to benefit from the skills as well as the resume boost a CCNP could bring.

With Cisco solutions being as widely valued as possible, you couldn’t go wrong with a CCNP Enterprise certification. The specialist certifications earned along the way alone would be worth it as you progress.

If you would be looking forward to this information and wondering if the new exams will be more challenging than the old exams, the answer is yes; of course, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question. But it would be best if you had to consider that the older exams were very much aged. They needed a major update for covering topics that are more relevant to today’s networking environments.

Understanding Python, as well as some basic scripts, come with a new emphasis on automation. These are things that wouldn’t be included in the old CCNP exams. While the update does make the exams much harder than they were, they would be also more relevant for what to expect in the real world.

Like other new Cisco certifications, this means you would have to clear both a core exam as well as a concentration exam. The nice thing about this setup is that every concentration exam would also earn you a Cisco specialist certification.

The core exams would be able to change depending on which path you would be deciding to take. In the case of CCNP Enterprise, you would be looking at the 350-401 ENCOR exam. Even with the core exam, a passing score would be able to earn you a specialist certification. In this case, that is the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core.

Additionally, the core exam for the 350-401 ENCOR would be able to double as a requirement for a CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and CCIE Enterprise Wireless. Before we discuss it further, you should check out the SPOTO CCNP Exam Dumps to achieve success in the very first attempt.

CCNP Enterprise: The 350-401 ENCOR Exam

350-401 ENCOR is considered a 120-minute exam, and that would be able to test your overall knowledge of implementing core enterprise networking technologies. The exam costs about $400 in the United States. While there would be no formal prerequisites, three to five years of experience in implementing enterprise networking solutions would be recommended. When you clear the core exam, you would have about three years from the pass date to take a concentration exam and earning the CCNP Enterprise.

CCNP Enterprise: Core Exam Options

Once you would have completed the core exam, you would have six different concentration exams to pick from. The one you would be deciding to go with would be depending on the area you choose as your specialty. Let’s have a quick look at the different exams. These concentration exams would be about 90 minutes long and cost $300 per exam in the U.S.

The core exam would be covering the essential topics and skills any IT pro at this level required to know. Depending on the area you would be looking forward to focusing on, you would be diving deeper into a particular topic with the concentration exam.

Now that you have acquired the knowledge regarding both the exam fees, you must look forward to obtaining it. The best way to gain it would be to get the SPOTO CCNP Exam Dumps to succeed in your initial attempts.


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