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How Can I Prepare for CCNA 200-301 Exam in 7 Days?

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  •   Posted on: 2020-12-08
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The Cisco Certified Network Associate, or popularly known as the CCNA, is considered a top-notch IT certification and is one of the most respected certifications globally.

An associate-level certificate for IT networking would be able to help the candidates to provide the boost their professional careers with better jobs as well as higher pay.

The CCNA certification would authenticate an individual’s capabilities for configuring, operating, and troubleshooting the switched and routed networks.

You would wish to understand why you are going forward to achieve the CCNA certification first and clear goals when it would be coming to scheduling and studying for your Exam. You might consider setting yourself the purpose of taking the Exam within the next six or eight months and budget your study time and social engagements accordingly.

1. Acquiring Practical Experience

You are going to require both theoretical as well as practical knowledge for passing the CCNA exam. As you would be preparing for the Exam, you are required to be able to utilize academic information in real-world troubleshooting and networking issues. For instance, it is quite common to know that IP is unreliable.

Still, the main problem would be to being able to determine alternative communication troubleshooting amongst the nodes over IP.

2. Obtaining the Proper Study Materials

CCNA preparation would be including the gathering of the correct study materials. We would also be recommending you to go through the 31 Days Before series, also available through Cisco Press.

Ensure that you should cover the practice questions as well as lab exercises. But before you would be begun with the books, as mentioned earlier, learning to work with binary mathematics, you are required to be able to calculate in your sleep. Having this knowledge would be able to help you out in passing CCNA.

3. Scheduling Practice Tests

You should schedule your practice tests well in advance of your scheduled exam date. Please set a deadline for yourself and check what you would have learned in between that time. You would be discovering the areas where you should improve the most.

4. Refreshing Your Knowledge Right before the Exam

We recommend you refresh your knowledge by rereading the Cisco Press books before your scheduled exam date. This would help you out in jog your memory and help you out in identifying anything that you would have skipped over the first time. The last couple of weeks before the exams are required to be wholly devoted to solving questions.

You are trying to find new questions by scratching the surface of internet forums and other online mock test platforms you could find. This would require being the point when you have clutched the concepts of networking competently on your CCNA certification.

5. Take a Breather

You are required to give yourself some time off the last couple of days before the exams. Take it easy as well as try to relax. A good night’s sleep is considered to be much more important the night before an exam.  


The CCNA certification wouldn’t be just opening the doors to a successful career in networking; you would be able to mark yourself as a networking expert with global recognition. The certification would be able to authenticate that you are more knowledgeable than your non-certified peers.

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