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How Do I Become ITIL V4 Certified? 

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  •   Posted on: 2020-11-11
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AXELOS would have released ITIL 4 in early 2019. ITIL 4 is considered the latest version in ITIL's evolution, the standard set of practices for supporting organizations through digital transformation. ITIL 4 is believed to be a beginning -to-finish IT services model for the delivery and operation of tech-enabled products and services. Following these tips and gaining the SPOTO ITIL Exam Dumps would help you achieve a good score on the first attempt.

Tips to become ITIL v4 Certified:

1. Practice and Practice Harder

Lots of practice couldn't be understated when you are getting ready to go for the test. The first thing you need to do would be to familiarize yourself with the ITIL exam pattern. Then, work on official sample papers and practice questions to gain an idea of what the real exam would be like. While working on ITIL practice tests, you should ensure that you adhere to time constraints to be sure that you could finish the actual exam on time. One of the most common reasons for failing to pass would be running out of time, and turning in a curtailed exam. That way you're required to take practice tests.

2. Taking Your Time to Understand the Material

Take time to understand every question as many exam takers would be making mistakes due to not reading the questions thoroughly. Some items would contain negatives that might trip you up; for instance, which of the following isn't a life cycle module? If you miss the not in this question, you might end up submitting the incorrect answer. In other words, you should ensure you understand the problem entirely.

3. Learning the Lifecycle and Capability Modules

Although the intermediate level of ITIL qualification would be going more in-depth into each lifecycle and the capability module, you should possess the necessary understanding to be reliable at the Foundation level. ITIL 4 Foundation Training is all about gaining the basics right and understanding each stage of the ITIL life cycle and capability modules. From abbreviations to terminology, make sure that you would have acquired a good grasp of all special terms.

4. Think ITIL only

Many participants would be answering based on their current or previous organizational practices, which could backfire during the examination. Therefore, when taking the ITIL 4 Foundation level exam, you are required to think only of ITIL processes and best practices, not your previous experiences. This point of the exam would be to evaluate your understanding of ITIL processes, functions, and concepts, not about how your organization is going to implement IT Service Management.

5. Some final ITIL Exam Tips:

Taking an exam could be considered a stressful event, no matter how well you would have prepared.

Here are a few more tips to help you out in getting through the exam successfully:

1. Ensure you have everything you require for the exam, including your pencil and participant number.

2. Keeping an eye on the clock, but don't pay much attention to it; the hour limit on the exam provides you about 1.5 minutes to answer each multiple-choice question.

3. Marking your answers properly as per the instructions.

4. Identify keywords in the question structure that could help you eliminate wrong answers.

5. Answering the questions from the perspective of an ITIL rather than your personal experience.

6. If you utilize your time wisely, you should have time, in the end, for reviewing your answers and ensuring you didn't miss any questions.

Finally, if you wish to gain success in obtaining the ITIL Certification, your best bet would be to gain the SPOTO ITIL Exam Dumps to achieve the same in the very first attempt.


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