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How Long Is the AZ-500 Exam?

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  •   Posted on: 2021-01-08
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If you are one of those who would have aspired to become a security engineer always, here would be your chance! The world would be embracing the cloud, and so should you; this post will cover all the essential exam details such as course content, weightage, and many more information and updates related to this certification.

This exam will require basic knowledge of IT security principles and a moderate understanding of most Azure offerings. It would stress the candidate's ability to analyze and fix vulnerabilities with multiple security tools on the cloud.

Exam Details AZ 500:

  • Name of the Certification: AZ-500 - Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
  • Target Audience: Candidates possessing moderate to Strong level of knowledge of Azure cloud and services.
  • Exam Duration: You would have about 150 to 210 minutes
  • Number Of Questions: There would be about 40 to 60 questions asked to you, One lab with around 12 sub-tasks.
  • Exam Cost: The exam is going to cost you about USD 165.00.
  • Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified)

Additionally, you would be keeping the following points in mind as they could improvise your chances of getting certified.

  • Although Microsoft wouldn't be having any mandatory pre-requirements for the AZ-500 exam, it would be advised that you should take the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam AZ-500 if you would be looking forward to acquiring your cloud career.
  • Experience in security tools and an essential analytical capability for solving problems go a long way in making things much more comfortable.

AZ 500 Exam Topics:

With the essential information of the Microsoft Azure security technologies certification exam AZ-500 out of the way, we would be diving into the individual domains covered in the SecOps exam's scope.

The following points give an essential outline of each domain's specific weightage so that you would be able to work out the vital topics and plan accordingly.

  • 20 to 25% of the exam questions would be about the first domain, covering the Identity and Access Management topics.
  • The second domain would be covering the Implement Platform Protection topics and accounts for the most questions in the AZ-500 exam with a weightage of about 35to 40%.
  • The following domain would be covering the Manage Security Operations topics, which would be the least amount of weightage at 15 to 20%.
  • The final domain would be Secure Data and Applications and is considered responsible for 30 to 35% of the AZ-500 exam.

Who Should Apply for This Certification?

  • People with non-technical backgrounds are going to be involved in the marketing of Cloud security services and solutions.
  • People with technical backgrounds would be looking forward to beginning their careers and are considered to be especially interested in the security aspect of the cloud or those who wish to authenticate their knowledge level around cloud security.

This certification exam would be able to provide a way for developing your cloud security skills and demonstrating your skills to potential employers, hence providing you with an edge and Practical knowledge.

Now that you have acquired the knowledge regarding the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies - AZ-500 Exam, you would be looking forward to obtaining it in a single attempt. This exam is going to be very much tricky; you should opt for the SPOTO AZ-500 Exam Dumps to get success in your very first attempt.


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